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What does Music mean to you?!

SKATE.jpgMusic is a massive part of my life and has shaped who I am today, ever since I bought my first albums back in Woolworths when I was 13/14 years old its been a huge factor growing up. What’s Woolworths you ask? Damn I must be older than I thought… was the one high street shop you always wanted to go in as it had pretty much everything. I remember me and my friend having a group interview there back in college and we never got the job (remember that Ashleigh?!) ah good times!

Whoa… a bit side tracked reminiscing there….come back down to planet earth Ben and get to the subject at hand! So lately more so than usual I’ve been listening to some proper old skool albums, currently its Paramore’s “Brand New Eyes” mainly for the fact they’re touring London in June and me and two of my close friends are trying to go so guess I’ve been taking a trip down memory lane with those songs. Whether you like them or hate them, Paramore did write some belters back in the day and listening to this album made me realise it was one of their best in their career.  Also been listening to Madina Lake’s “From Us, Through Them, To You” as well as this year marks the ten year anniversary that record was released…..holy ball sack ten years?! I was like seventeen when I first heard that album……yeah I think I hear my zymoframe calling!

I think the reason I’ve been going back to some of the albums that got me through my college and university years is the fact that some of the stuff being released on the music scene today is nothing compared to the older stuff. I mean don’t get me wrong, there are some amazing bands and artists on the scene today and I get that sometimes they change musical direction, but I get the feeling that some of the newer stuff is just missing that edge that made those albums back in the early 2000’s truly memorable and unforgettable.  I forgot where I was going with this now…..but yeah anyway can’t beat some of the old skool albums to bring pleasure to your ears! I think music is a release for a lot of people, myself included, and is a form of escapism to switch off from everything around you. As soon as my headphones go on and I start listening to my favourite bands I just seem to drift away. Its like if someone looks at me the lights are on but nobody’s home and I like that moment of peace to myself.

I mean one of my all time favourite and personal albums to see if probably A Day to Remember’s “Homesick”, purely because it always reminds me of some of the best memories of my college/ uni years and the laughs I had with my best friends. Just makes me think back to a simpler time and the lyrics still to do this day relate to things I’ve gone through or friends have. Thanks Jeremy and ADTR for writing such an amazing and honest record!

What are some of you guys favourite bands or albums? Any particular ones that really stand out for you or have some kind of significant meaning to you? Be interesting to see what music y’all listen to.


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