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More Than Most – Light the Way review

More Than Most Album.jpgI’ve been a fan of London based More Than Most coming up to 3 years now, I remember meeting Izzy (vocalist) and Cole (drummer) at Mallory Knox’s headlining “Asymmetry” tour at the Electric Ballroom back in November 2014. It was cool as I remember they gave me a copy of their band’s demo which featured the track “Remember Who You Are”, I mean I still have that demo on my shelf! I kept it all this time as I knew that those guys were gonna make some amazing music and they have done just that!

I’ve kept in touch with the guys over the past few years and always was checking up to see how the band was doing and seeing when they’d be recording new music, I honestly became a fan of More Than Most and what they started became more than just a band it became a way of life. What do you mean by that you ask? The only way I can describe it is that More Than Most represents a way of life in the respect that no matter what life throws at you there is always light at the end of the tunnel. It stands for connecting to people without having to worry about being judged or people building these ideas of what you can be as a person. As the real enemy in life is apathy or people that go…yeah I don’t care….but these guys and the fan-base are so passionate and caring it’s been such a pleasure to be a part of. One thing I have found with being a follower of this band is that its a way of meeting and uniting with different people from all angles of life and becoming like a second family. To me that has always been what More Than Most stands for and something that I haven’t found in a band previously. Each member of the band I first met back in the day were just awesome guys with wicked personalities and glad I got to hang out with them and see them play shows.

I’ve seen the guys play a few gigs now, first time was at Camden Rocks festival back in 2015 which was such a memorable set. It was the first time seeing More Than Most live, I remember it was in a pub at the far end of Camden and there must’ve been probably at least 50 people in the crowd including myself. The guys just smashed it, it was the first time hearing the songs from their EP “Impossible is Temporary” live and damn they sounded just as awesome live as on the CD! I remember hearing “Nightmare” live for the first time and I was like oh damn now that’s what I call a song! After that I was like yeah these guys are amazing and it was at that point where I couldn’t wait to see where they would go from there.

I follow the More Than Most social networks closely and always been my eye out to see what they’re up to. It was last night that they posted an update and it was one that was both exciting with a hint of sadness too. With a lot of bands on the scene at the moment it can be tough trying to be in a band and become noticed, it isn’t an easy task but it can be so rewarding when it pays off. I read the update and the sad news came that More Than Most wouldn’t be continuing to make music in it’s current state. Now when you’re a fan of a band and read something like that it leaves a bad taste in your mouth. I read what Cole had said in the update on their Facebook page and I just stared at the screen, feeling a sense of loss as it’s a real tragedy that the guys can’t continue with the band at this time. It’s more of a crime as More Than Most has been really successful with their radio performances as well as the shows and festivals they played during the last 3 years especially.  The guys in that band really value the fans and out of the sad message they released their debut album that they worked so hard on. I thought that was a really cool gesture by the guys as if that was any other band they would’ve called it quits there and then, without sharing what they made with their fans. I thought this was such a brilliant and thoughtful thing the guys decided to do, goes to show how appreciative they are of their fans, as a lot of us have been around since day one wearing their band t-shirts and going to support the guys at their shows.

Today More Than Most released their long await debut album “Light This Way” on Itunes, which as soon as I saw it bought it without thinking. I love this bands music and could not wait to get stuck into hearing the 10 track record, been so stoked to hear it so finally having it on my Ipod ready to listen was really exciting! I’ve listened the album from start to finish twice now and I think that the boys should be really damn fudging proud of this record! It has everything that I love in music, amazing choruses, killer guitar riffs, explosive drums and the lyrics are just so relatable and honest. I can’t seem to pick a favourite track currently as each song is so different and unique. The opening track “Runaway” really sets the tone for the album with an amazing guitar intro that then kicks in with the drums and gets me nodding my head straight away before the lyrics even begin. The thing with More Than Most is that their music is so unique and with the use of electronics too it really creates a stand out style that I can only define as this is what More Than Most is about! When Izzy starts singing it just adds to the whole picture, the dude is an amazing vocalist and his sound works so well with the music I sit here thinking damn this is how you write music.

What I really enjoyed about this album is that it features new recorded versions of the four songs from their debut EP “Impossible is Temporary”, its cool to hear new versions of these songs and I thought it was a really nice touch having them feature on the album. Those songs did a lot for those guys and helped get them to where they are today, it was like they weren’t ready to put them to bed yet and it was like giving them one final send off. Even the album titled track “”Light the Way” which is a stripped back mellow acoustic track is just perfect for the album. The song symbolises creating a light of hope and that’s how I interpreted the song, definitely a highlight on the record. I think one of the stand out tracks for me is their recent single “Never Say Never, Never Say Forever” as to me it just explodes on the later part of the album. It has the most iconic and stand out guitar riff that you can’t help but nod along to. The verse builds up to the massive chorus that you can’t help but want to jump around to and sing at the top of your lungs. Such a well written song and every-time I hear it I suddenly wanna start jumping around like crazy….little secret…it’s actually my ringtone on my phone! That’s right, it’s that damn good!

The album closes on track 10 “I Remember” which to me is the perfect song to close out the record. With the mention of The Ataris, Good Charlotte and Blink 182 in the first verse gets me stoked as all are bands I’m a fan of and have mad respect for. The song itself sounds about things the guys have experienced when life for them in this band started, with Izzy singing about asking his best friend to marry him. That’s so cool that’s in the song as that’s something we all want one day. The lyrics are just so honest and relatable and to me sounds off More Than Most’s debut album to a perfect close.

When I hear some albums I have a few songs that I’m not really a 100% on but this album I love every single track, each song is different and flows off each other so well. I would give this album a solid and well deserved 10/10. The guys worked hard on this album and what you have is a result of the fruits of their labour and a fantastic album. As a fan I’m so happy and glad that More Than Most decided to release this and share it with the world. This will be one of those albums that will stand the test of time and I think it sums up exactly what this band is about.

Maybe I’m a little biased as I’m good friends with the guys but I can’t stress enough that if you love rock music and want something new and fresh to sink your teeth into, go buy this album like right now! Spread it among your friends and recommend it to everyone who loves amazing rock music. I’ll be listening to this for some time and will be plugging it like mad, so proud of what the guys achieved on this record and as a fan it’s exactly what I hoped More Than Most would deliver!

Izzy, Cole, Dan, Leandro, Nick and Mok! I salute you guys, well freaking done seriously this is what More Than Most is all about! I’ll always support these guys in whatever they decide to do from here on out. Good luck guys!

Anyone that listens to this album, let me know what you guys think. Any favourite stand out tracks? Hit me up and let me know what you think! If there is any albums you like that you think are worth a message recommend some and I’ll check them out for sure.

My rating:








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