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Heroes and Villains Fan Fest – London



Next month on 27th and 28th May I will be attending Heroes and Villains Fan Fest London, held at the Olympia convention center, which will be my first time attending this convention. This is event is arranged by the same organisers who are responsible for the ever growing Walker Stalker Convention, which is dedicated to The Walking Dead.

So what is Heroes and Villains Fan Fest you ask? The event itself provides fans for an intimate and personal experience with actors and actresses from some of your favourite television show and movies. The main attraction for this event is to meet cast from Arrow, as I believe the convention was formed by Stephen Amell, as well as actors from others hows such as The Flash, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow and Gotham; plus there are actors from movies that appear as well. The Heroes and Villains/ Walker Stalker Convention website has the slogan “It’s not just fandom, it’s a family”, which makes it feel like more than just your average Comic Con. I have never attended this event so it’s going to be a brand new experience for me and I am super stoked for this one. Talking to other fans who have attended it they have all stressed that it has been the best convention they have been to and that’s saying something. I think what this event represents that it is a unique opportunity to really get up close and personal with celebrities that you love from on screen, giving you the chance to hang out with them.

Autographs/ Photo Opportunities

This is the bread and butter of Heroes and Villains Fan Fest, probably the most excitable thing about this event. There are other conventions that let you meet actors and get a quick autograph, but what makes this event different is the closer interaction fans can have with these actors. From what I understand, this event is a lot different purely based on the amount of opportunities that are available for autographs, photo-ops and panels from cast. I’ve spoken to friends who have attended Walker Stalker Con and they said that the celebrities really took their time out to interact with each fan, spending a good amount of time with them to make sure that they have the best experience possible.


This is a cool feature of the convention as well. I’ve been to a few conventions where panels are hosted so far away from the main part of the event, that usually isn’t situated on the main convention floor. Sometimes the bigger panels you have to stand in line for absolutely ages and well in advance, just to stand a chance of getting a seat. I understand that the great thing about Heroes and Villains is that the panels are held on the main convention floor, so even if you can’t actually get a seat you can still see the panel from the side ropes with ease. When I’ve read comments from social media about panels at these events, a lot of fans said how quick the panels went to fan questions and how friendly the actors were in responding. With other events normally it’s the moderator who ends up taking the questions instead of cast, which then leaves a very short amount of time for fan interaction. I’ve heard that John Barrowman is particularly brilliant at these panels so I’m looking forward to experiencing this next month.


Heroes and Villains Fan Fest London has a spectacular lineup of guests, to have all them in one room is just amazing! Some of the guests included Stephen Amell (Arrow), Melissa Benoist (Supergirl), John Barrowman (Arrow), Hayley Atwell (Agent Carter), Katie Cassidy (Arrow) and Michael Rooker (Guardians of the Galaxy/ The Walking Dead) to name but a few from this all-star roster of guests. I am a massive fan of Arrow and The Flash so this is going to be like the perfect event for me! Being able to meet cast from my favourite shows, get autograpahs with them, have photo ops with them and just talk to them about the show, as a fan, is going to be extremely amazing and so satisfying as a die hard fan like me. The hard part is deciding what to get signed, whether it be my Arrow Pop Vinyl, or my DVD boxsets….so many decisions to be made!

I’m going to be doing coverage of the weekend such as live tweets and I’ll be doing a vlog of the weekend too. I am sinseriously (see what I did there?) looking forward to this weekend and I am counting down the days now. I think this will be a more personal experience for fans and I can’t wait for those convention doors to open on the Saturday. I have a feeling that this convention will be a great opportunity for fans who can’t always attend the bigger conventions.

I look forward to experiencing Heroes and Villains Fan Fest London for the first time!







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