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Overwatch Collector’s Edition Unboxing


Now being the nerd that I am, I am prone to now and again splash out on a good collector’s edition of a game. In this instant I recently purchased the Overwatch: Collector’s Edition for Playstation 4 from my local GAME store.

This is the huge mother all packaged up in a decorative and sturdy box which has plenty of awesome Overwatch swag inside:


The bundle itself is up for a really great price, currently you can pick this bad boy up from GAME at a very reasonable £59.99 brand new, which does include a copy of the game as well as all the brilliant merchandise. The box itself is highly decorative and features illustrations of all the characters from Overwatch, they go around the box which was a nice touch for the outside:


Okay so that’s what the box looks like out of the way, now to dive into the goodies that come in this beast of a box! So the first item in the box is a highly detailed Solder 76 model, I think the model stands at around 30cm tall and comes with a solid base that the model fits on. I’ve seen a lot of models in bundles like this but this model was so highly detailed and featured all the detail of Solder 76’s design. I mean the gun itself featured all the key detail from the game, as well as the classic jacket he wears. The model does not feature any colour but I think it works for this design and it’s one of the better looking models I’ve seen in a collector’s edition. Check it out below:


The next item that came in the box was probably my favourite and it was an Overwatch artbook…now I am a sucker for artbook’s and I have an evergrowing collection and this one was a fine addition. I really thought this artbook was brilliant and well put together, what was great about it is at the start it features an overview into what Overwatch is and gives you a back story into how it came about. This is cool as some fans just associate the game as a shooter will little understanding of the concept behind the game. Then when I started to go through the book it features some truly beautiful and stunning pieces of illustration for both the characters and the different settings in the game. Each page is dedicated to each hero (except the new ones Ana and Orisa as they were added later) which gives a brief summary on the character’s background, their stats, weapons and the abilities that you can use in game. The image below features Solder 76’s abilities and weapon pages from the book. As you can see it’s set out really well and has the cool concept art as well, I do love the illustration for this game and the book highlights it very well:


The next item in the box was a pack of 12 collector postcards which feature concept art for each of the different maps you can play in Overwatch. I do love me a good bit of concept art and each card is very detailed with brilliant use of different colours and shading that makes each image unique. These are a must have for any Overwatch fan as a collector these aren’t something you could find anywhere, most likely exclusive to this box only. As much as I love video games, I also appreciate the design and pre-production work that goes into them as without those we would never get the final product. Take a look below at the 12 cards:


The next item that came in the box was an exclusive Overwatch soundtrack, featuring all the music you hear from the game. It has the scores for each of the maps as well as the Overwatch cinematic intro and that classic victory music as well for play of the game. I do love a good soundtrack so I shall be giving this a listen for sure, sometimes it’s nice to listen to an instrumental piece from one of your favourite games/TV shows/films. A nice little collector’s item indeed!


That wraps up all the contents of the Overwatch Collector’s Edition for Playstation 4, plus you get a copy of the game in an exclusive steelbook case which I forgot to photograph as my camera died and couldn’t find the charger….my bad guys! The image below is what the box looks like folded out with the contents of the collector’s editon:


My verdict

Overall I thought this was a brilliant bundle containing some fantastic items associated with Overwatch. The price of £59.99 is a bargain if you ask me as I think when this first came out on release, this version was retailing in at well over £100.00 may have been more than that. I think that you’re getting about probably between £50-£80 of merchandise may even be more than that, so I think the price is a steal in my opinion and if you have any games to trade in to knock some money off then I would recommend doing it! I traded in some and got this bundle for less that the retail price. I don’t normally buy many collector’s editions these days as sometimes I think they are overpriced and not worth the money. However, I think that this collector’s edition is well worth the money and you are getting some exclusive and amazingly detailed items for a great price. If you are a massive fan of Overwatch, like myself, then I strongly recommend that this is the bundle for you!

Check out images I took of the contents from the Overwatch Collector’s Edition below, I have also attached the link to my unboxing video on my YouTube channel so feel free to give that a watch too!

Overwatch Collector’s Edition Unboxing Video

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