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The Flash S03 E20 – “I Know Who You Are” Review


I’m still trying to compose myself after watching the latest episode in The Flash Season 3….one second……okay yeah I’m good! So yeah back to the subject at hand, this week aired episode 20 in the Scarlet Speedsters third season and this was the one that every single Flash fan has been waiting for. In this weeks “I Know Who You Are” the identity of the evil speedster Savitar was finally revealed and it was a complete surprise to me I mean holy shit!


The Flash is probably one of my favourite shows on television right now and one of the key factors in this show is the mysteries and big reveals that occur during the run of the season. Season 3 in particular has definitely been surrounded in mystery regarding the big bad Savitar, I knew that this season was going to pick up the pace (no pun intended) but shit man I’m having a serious nerd out right now. The episode this week had a few occurring story-lines that were all connected somehow leading up to the main event that was the identity of Savitar revealed. I thought that by the end of the episode “I Know Who You Are” had some really solid moments, some of which are my personal highlights of the series so far.

After the break we had before The Flash returned last week, we discovered that Caitlin had turned into Killer Frost who now seems to have formed an alliance with Savitar just like her Earth-2 version did with Zoom in Season 2. Ever since we’ve had the hints that Killer Frost would be coming into the show at full effect, I’ve been buzzing to see her on screen again and I loved how Danielle Panabaker played the icy villain. I do think that the fact of Caitlin betraying Team Flash is one of the biggest blows that Barry and the others have suffered in this later part of the season. I have a sneaky feeling that Killer Frost is going to have an important part to play in these last few episodes, which will be crucial in the battle between The Flash and Savitar.

I really enjoyed seeing the confrontations between Caitlin and her formed Team Flash members, was awesome and sad seeing her go against her former friends. I liked how we got to see Killer Frost demonstrate some of her powers properly in this episode and going up against Cisco was really satisfying. I mean she created a giant ice slide, dude seriously that was some awesome visual effects and looked so dope on screen. I liked how she changed up her abilities in the episode and showed the audience some of the things she is truly capable of. I mean there was moments when I thought Cisco was going to lose his hands and I was not prepared for that….

One of the story-lines that I really enjoyed was seeing how the bond between Cisco and Caitlin was beginning to fall apart. It was really sad to see the two on opposite sides of the playing field and now fighting each-other as enemies. I mean don’t get me wrong, it was really cool (ha no pun intended) seeing Vibe going head to head with Killer Frost but it just sucked seeing these two friends fighting against one another. I thought that Carlos Valdes was just brilliant in this episode as he really portrayed Cisco’s frustration and doubts amazingly in this episode. I liked how that on some level Cisco came to the tough decision that he may have to kill Caitlin in order to save Team Flash and his friend. I really thought that both actors portrayed the pain, struggle and desperation of their characters so well and was some of the best moments in the season from both characters. I do think that deep down Caitlin is still there and hoping she’s not completely lost, but these next few episodes will be crucial for her character.

In last week’s episode, Future Barry told present day Flash how he defeated Savitar by trapping him in the Speed Force. The news was hopeful for Barry only to realise that the woman responsible for developing the tech to trap Savitar came four years too late, which resulted in the death of Iris in the future. Barry, Cisco and H.R track down the person responsible for developing this trap, Tracy Brand, who in the present appears to be a struggling student trying to graduate. You could see Barry’s world come crashing down as he was thinking how is this woman going to save Iris?! I did like how her character began to develop across the duration of the episode as you could see the cogs ticking in her head, eventually coming up with a way in which Team Flash could trap Savitar and stop him once and for all. It will be interesting to see how her role impacts the last few episodes of Season 3.

Towards the end of the episode it was the moment I had been waiting for all series, the identity of Savitar finally revealed!!! On one level I want to spill the beans but at the same time I think I’m going to leave it a mystery as to who Savitar really is, hopefully will make you guys want to watch the episode if you haven’t already! I mean I have had my own ideas of who Savitar is, I honestly thought that it was jay Garrick after being trapped in that loop in the Speed Force. I thought it would’ve consumed in and turned the golden age Flash into the evil Speed God but I was so wrong about that one! The only thing I will say about the identity of Savitar is that I know have a million and one questions as to how he turned into the monster that he is! I think on some level I suspected him but now that I know who Savitar is I honestly want to know how the actual shit he got in this position!!

One thing I will say is that no Barry know who Savitar is he may be able to use that to his advantage in figuring out his and Team Flash’s next move in stopping him and Killer Frost. I mean I know that a lot of fans have criticized The Flash for using another speedster as the villain’s main bad, but personally I think that the evil speedsters are some of The Flash’s best villains in my opinion. I think that when people find out who Savitar is they will realise that this battle is far from over and we’re going to be in for an explosive season finale. I am looking forward to the run up to the season finale and I think we’re going to see some really interesting flashbacks that will show us how Savitar was created. I think that is the main story that we are all waiting to see, more so than who the identity of Zoom was! I feel like the season has been building up to these final episodes and will determine how we look at Season 3 as a complete chapter for The Flash. I honestly think it’s going to be well worth the wait and we are in for some amazing pieces of television.

The Flash “I Know Who You Are” featured some great story-lines that all intertwined leading up to the inevitable revelation of who Savitar is. The episode was at it’s peak with the showdown between Vibe and Killer Frost. All I can say is that the reveal for this episode will forever change The Flash and these last few episodes will bring the battle with Savitar to a dramatic climax.



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