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Black Lightning – First Look Trailer


Earlier on today we were treated to a first look teaser trailer for The CW’s newest and upcoming superhero series “Black Lightning”.

The upcoming series is based on the DC character who was created by Tony Isabella and Trevor Von Eeden. The premise of the show is centered around Jefferson Pierce, played by Cress Williams, who hung up the mantle of Black Lightning some years ago. In the show his daughter, Jennifer, seems to have got in to the wrong crowd in her search for justice. With Jefferson finding out about his daughter, it forces him to come out of retirement and once again take up the mantle of Black Lightning. The series will be made through Berlanti Productions and Akil Productions, both associated with Warner Bros. Television.

The trailer itself gives us a good first look at the concept of Black Lighting as well as seeing Jefferson Pierce suited up as the vigilante. The show itself won’t be set in the Arrowverse so sadly we won’t be seeing a crossover with The Flash, Arrow, Supergirl or DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. I mean technically Supergirl isn’t part of the Arrowverse and we have seen her crossover, so fingers crossed we may see Black Lightning team up with the other heroes in the Berlanti-verse.

I personally am really intrigued by this first look trailer as it gives us just enough to sink out teeth into and makes me want to check out the pilot. I think the suit and design is very reminiscent to the DC comics counterpart and look forward There is no official release date for the pilot to air yet, but expect it some time in the fall.

Check out the trailer below and let me know what you think!

Black Lightning First Look Trailer



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