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The Flash S03 E22 – “Infantino Street” Review


Well shit….last week’s penultimate episode of The Flash could possibly be the strongest episode in Season 3 to date. As we know, the series has been building towards the final showdown between Barry Allen and the evil speedster Savitar. This episode was just brilliant as we got to see a really fun team up between Barry and Leonard Snart AKA Captain Cold! I thought that the episode did a brilliant job of putting things into motion that could carry over into Season 4.


I really enjoyed how the episode begun with a slight montage piece showing Team Flash bonding and preparing themselves for the return of Savitar, which they all knew was coming every closer. I thought this really helped to set the mood of the episode right from the get go.

One of the main highlights for me in the episode was the team up between Captain Cold and The Flash, as well as an appearance from King Shark. It was really cool seeing Snart back in The Flash again, obviously Barry had to time travel again to bring him back to the present…y’know with him being kinda dead and all. I mean the thing with comic books and superhero platforms characters never really stay dead for long, so maybe one day we will see the full Rogues gallery on the show. Nevertheless, one thing I love about these shows is how the creative teams has found ways to bring past characters back in the current seasons like Captain Cold. This version of Snart that we saw is similar to the one we saw towards the end of the first season of Legends of Tomorrow, going from a villain to becoming a hero. I thought this was important as this did have an impact on his scenes with The Flash.

The risk that these shows could always have is cramming to many characters into an episode, but after the Invasion crossover, I think it’s safe to say they know how to do this very well. I thought that both King Shark and Snart worked really well in this penultimate episode and it made narrative sense. In the episode Barry needed the help of a master thief and who better than his old rival Captain Cold?! Seeing as he had to brake into the most heavily fortified building in the country (ARGUS) so who better to crack a safe than a safe cracker. It all seemed like this would be a piece of cake for Barry and Snart, until they realised that the item they were attempting to steal would be guarded by King Shark. Now talk about throwing a spanner into the works. I did like how the writers played on the whole jaws elements by using some classic shark key pieces, like the fin going through the mist on the floor like in the movies. I thought this was really entertaining to include little moments in the episode.

Obviously with this episode being titled “Infantino Street”, I knew this was the moment we would see the death of Iris that Barry saw earlier in the season when he time traveled to the future. We really got to dive deep into The Flash and Savitar battle in this episode which was needed I think to lay things in motion for the finale. I have a feeling that this won’t be the last time that the two speedsters will come face to face.

One thing in particular that really stood out for me is how we got to find out more about Savitar as a character and not just the god of speed. A lot of fans have criticised that it took so long for us to find out the identity of the demonic speedster, but honestly I was okay with it as like with the Reverse Flash it was all a build up to the big reveal. In particular these last 5 episodes really kept my attention and felt nervous every time I watched the show, that’s how you know that shit is getting real. We got to see that beneath the Savitar armour, he is a broken, scarred man that was a fraction of the Barry Allen in the present. You really emphathised with the character as we begin to understand why Savitar is the way he is and why he is doing everything he can to destroy The Flash. I thought that the writers did a brilliant job of showing that Savitar still has elements of the old Barry deep down as at times he did seem conflicted with what he was doing, maybe feeling slight remorse that what he is doing could in actual fact be the wrong move. We really got to see that with Killer Frost in this episode in particular, who really seems unsure of what she is doing and whether she has sided with the right speedster. I honestly think that whatever is in store for the Savitar conflict, that Killer Frost is going to have an important role in these final moments of Season 3.

In the closing moments of this episode, we got to see that moment we didn’t want to see…the death of Iris West at the hands of Savitar as we saw back in episode 9 and even thought I knew it was coming I still wasn’t prepared for it. I mean shit, even with the speed force cannon Barry still wasn’t able to change that one moment. One thing for certain is that this definitely sets the stage for the finale as now it’s a case of anything can happen now! The theme of the later part of Season 3 is Team Flash trying to save Iris but now that that has failed, it will change to how can they destroy Savitar for what he has done. I do like how The Flash has become darker this year as it goes to show that the show can adapt it’s tone and not all about the light hearted quips we’ve seen previously.

I do think that H.R will have an important part to play in these last few moments of Season 3. He may seem like one of the weaker members of Team Flash, especially after his ego took a massive mattering, but I do think he has something up his sleeve. The latest theories on the net is that H.R may have used the holographic disguise gadget to swap places with Iris and it could actually be him that died. I mean that would be a very bold move by his character to say the least, making the ultimate sacrifice for his friends. It’s really hard to guess what will occur in the finale but one thing for sure, this version of Harrison Wells definitely has a purpose in the season and I have a feeling we shall find it out in the last episode.

To round off this bad boy, I think that The Flash has put all the pieces in motion to set up for what could be a really amazing season finale. I thought that “Infantino Street” was a solid episode in adding darkness to the show with some very important character development surrounding the return of Savitar, with a really fun and brilliant team up between The Flash and Captain Cold. I thought that it was a very eventful episode that had some really memorable stand out moments for the characters, which will be vital going into the season finale. One thing is for sure, after the last episode The Flash will never be the same going into Season 4.


10 thoughts on “The Flash S03 E22 – “Infantino Street” Review

  1. Episode 22 was definitely one of my favourites this season. Snart is great and funny and really smart as well. I liked that they brought him in to help break into Argus. Loved the season finale as well but I won’t spoil anything..


    1. Yeah I agree it was a stand out for me too! I loved the whole Barry and Snart dynamic, do miss him not being on the show. When they mentioned about a thief I was like it has to be Snart! Thank you but I managed to watch it late last night, I loved the finale despite what people are saying

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      1. Best episode of the season, for sure!! I’m currently writing a blogpost about it. I’m conflicted with the idea of the entire team being dead, but I’m sure most of them survived. I did realise Evelyn was still locked up in the cage when the bombs went off.. Oh! Somehow I want Slade as a regular but that’d be weird.. the Mirakuru storyline was one of my favourites so that’s probably why. He’s like a good guy turned villain turned fairly good again. I have so much more to say about it!!

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      2. Yeah I agree too and I think it’s one of the best finales they’ve done in the show!! I am too actually! I don’t think they are but I think that’s what the writers want the fans to think. Yeah so not sure what happened to her either. I would love Slade to be a regular as season 2 was my favourite and that whole story arc was just brilliant! I always loved the dynamic between Slade and Oliver especially in the season 2 flashbacks. Haha I do too, could talk about it for ages!!!

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