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Heroes and Villains Fan Fest London 27th-28th May 2017 – What an experience!


So this weekend just gone I attended the very first Heroes and Villains Fan Fest event in London and holy shit what an incredible weekend it has been! I’m still processing the sheer awesomeness of the event and all the amazing things I got to do over the weekend. Heroes and Villains is a two day event taking place between 27th-28th May 2017 at Olympia in London.

I’m going to be doing a few different blog posts about the event as there was so much I did, so I thought I’d start with a generic one just going over about the weekend as a whole then I’ll go into the juicy details about guests, panels and other things that took place over the course of the weekend.

I have wrote about Heroes and Fan Fest in a previous blog post but now that I’m home from the weekend (cries in the corner) I wanted to share the experience with you guys, as I had probably the greatest weekend of my life at the show! For those who haven’t heard of it before, Heroes and Villains Fan Fest is a convention that brings guests from comic inspired TV shows and movies and gives fans the chance to meet them and have photos with them. From Arrow to The Flash to Guardians of the Galaxy, there’s a huge variety of guests at these events. This is the first time that Heroes and Villains has come to London so naturally I wanted to go, as I’ve never done this convention before and when I knew Stephen Amell was one of the confirmed guests that sold it to me.

The convention itself was just utterly fantastic and was a very guest orientated event as it focused heavily on giving fans the opportunities to meet their favourite stars, speak to them, get selfies with them, get autographs and also have photo ops with them as well as attending Q&A panels. This is the ultimate fan experience and if you enjoy attending conventions and meeting guests, as much as I do, then this is a must go to event.

I think what made this a very successful event was down to James Frazier, the event organisers and Celeb Photo Ops who really nailed it on the head with this event. It was set out so well with guests placed all around different areas of the ground floor in between vendor stools, with the headlining guests on the second floor like Stephen Amell and Emily Bett Rickards. It was very well planned out on the ground floor, with easy access to food facilities, disabled facilities, toilets and cash machines if you ran out of money like I did over the weekend! It was so easy to move about the show floor without the fear of being too congested or feeling claustrophobic.

On the show floor you had the main stage in which all the different cast panels took place during the course of the weekend. This was a great feature of the event as you got to watched guests talking about the shows they were in, diving into their characters and fans also got to ask them questions which was cool. There were panels with a cast from a show like Gotham, Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow; as well as solo panels that featured John Barrowman, Stephen Amell, Matt Ryan and Michael Rooker which all were so awesome to watch.  That provided a buzzing atmosphere for the fans and really was nice to break the day up, I thought it was a really cool addition to the show duration.

At the back of the show floor was the photo op area, run by Celeb Photo Ops who have done photos for Walker Stalker Con as well. I really thought that the photo op process was the most well planned and organised system I have seen at a convention ever. You had a big TV at the start of the area which showed the guest photo op with the time for the shoot and what lane you had to be in. So if you had a platinum, gold, VIP or general entry ticket it showed the lane to go to for your op. I thought this was just brilliant as I’ve been to some conventions where the photo op booths are all over the place and there is no real system in place and can be a bit of a stressful time…I thought that all the Celeb Photo Op staff were really helpful and friendly and if you had any clashes they were on the case straight away, doing their best to advise you to make the process a lot calmer and stress free. I couldn’t fault them at all as they were always on point making announcements for upcoming shoots. They were just brilliant and couldn’t be happier that they ran the photo side of the event. It was also great to have all the photo areas in one place, as that saves a lot of time worrying where the booths are and if you would be there on time for a shoot.

Finally there was a great assortment of vendor stools at the show too, all had different types of awesome merchandise to purchase. You had stools with Pop Vinyls, action figures, comic books, art prints, customisable items and a replica weapon stool all had lots to choose from. I did have a browse of the stools in between photo shoots, panels and autograph signings which also broke the day up nicely. You know it’s a different type of convention when the guests walk around and you end up bumping into them at stools. I had that experience with Josh Segarra when I was looking at one of the stools and it was the most awesome thing ever.

So overall, I thought that Heroes and Villains Fan Fest London 2017 was an absolutely incredible weekend and is hands down the best experience I have had at a convention and that says something as I have been to a lot in recent years! I just thought the organisers had the show nailed and knew exactly how to run it, with no stress and made it a very enjoyable experience for the fans. I had an absolute blast and am so sad it’s over but made some unforgettable memories over the weekend and cannot wait to go back to the show next year. I cannot compliment the organisers and the volunteers, who I thought were just fantastic and without them the queues would not have run as smoothly for the guests. They are the real heroes of the weekend for sure! I just can’t stop thinking about the fun and amazing experience I had and could not recommend this convention enough. If you enjoy experiencing things and love meeting your favourite guests from shows and movies, then this is the event for you!

In my next series of Heroes and Villains posts, I will talk about more specific thing over the weekend such as the guests, panels and a guide for newcomers to an event like this.

So I shall catch you guys on the next post!






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