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The Walking Dead: A Telltale Game Series – A New Frontier


Telltale Games have done it again!

I have been a massive fan of the Telltale Games: The Walking Dead series as I thought it was such a new and immersive gaming experience. It really got you to step into the shoes of characters from the post-apocalyptic world and the decisions you make really impact the story, giving different outcomes to other players. I thought that the first two seasons of The Walking Dead were brilliant, so when I stumbled across The Walking Dead: A New Frontier I knew that I had to jump on this game as I absolutely loved the first two.


For the first two seasons of the Telltale Games we have got to explore the post apocalyptic world that is The Walking Dead, following the journey of sole survivor Clementine from both Season 1 and 2. We have seen her grow up and having to deal with some pretty heavy stuff such as loss, being alone, not being able to trust anyone and not to mention having to deal with a shit ton of walkers! I have really enjoyed the story of Clem so far, as we’ve got to see her journey from a scared little girl to one serious little badass. She has managed to stay alive through her brains, survivor skills and knowledge from her friends like Lee and Kenny, which has kept her going all this time. Season 3 has changed the world within The Walking Dead: A Telltale Game Series, as we not find ourselves meeting a group of new characters. We meet a new family called the Garcia’s and we take control of a new protagonist called Javier, who is a guy that has struggled in the past and has never known what his purpose is in the world. This season really focused on knowing who to trust in this new world, as well as how the bonds of family can be a real test as well as being able to survive walkers and bandits. In this new setting, we come across A New Frontier which is different to what we discovered in season 1 and 2. Things in season 3 are worse than ever and one thing is for sure, no one is guaranteed to survive what awaits Javier and the rest of his family.

I recently completed The Walking Dead: A Telltale Game Series – A New Frontier and when I saw recently I mean around 3:00am Sunday morning! I’m still processing what happened in that last episode, man I loved this game a lot. So I’m going to review the five episodes that make up season 3 as each one is worth talking about. I’ll jump right to the point and kickstart off with episode 1 which you can read in my next blog post!




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