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Spiderman: Homecoming Review


Tom Holland’s first solo outing as Spiderman is truly brilliant!

How’s the saying go? Third time the charm? Marvel finally deliver a true interpretation of Spiderman and capture the essence of the wall-crawler.

Spiderman: Homecoming is the first solo movie for Tom Holland’s web-slinger since the events of last year’s Captain America: Civil War. This movie is the combined efforts of Marvel Studios in conjunction with Sony Pictures. For me I am a massive Spiderman fan and I really hoped this movie was going to be the Spiderman film I’ve always wanted and man did it live up to that expectation! I was so impressed with Tom Holland’s performance and impact in Civil War that when they announced he was getting his own solo Spidey movie, I was so stoked to see what Marvel came up with.

In short, we have got an action packed, funny, story driven, witty and a true portrayal of what Spiderman is about and what his character stands for. I think setting this version of Peter Parker in his high school years was a great move by Marvel as some of my favourite stories of Spiderman were in his younger years, before he went on to fight alongside the ranks of The Avengers, and these are some of the iconic storylines from the web-slinger and I think the end result really delivered.


For anyone that has been a fan of Spiderman you’ll know that he lives by a principle, “With great power, comes great responsibility” wise words passed onto Peter at a young age from his Uncle Ben. This classic quote definitely applies in Spiderman: Homecoming, as the events we see show how Peter struggles to balance his responsibilities as Spiderman and as Peter Parker. I think the events of Civil War have played a massive part on how Peter’s character has been developed going into this film. As he’s gone from being some what of an urban myth in Queen’s, to now fighting alongside The Avengers as the web-slinging hero Spiderman. After the events of Civil War, it’s safe to say that Peter got a taste of the hero life and wanted nothing more than to go on the next mission to save the world, now that he’s had a taste of the big guns if you like. I think that after a taste of being involved with The Avengers, Peter wanted nothing more than for Spiderman to become a full fledged Avenger and wants nothing more than to impress Tony Stark, as he was the one that seeked out Peter and his abilities. What I like about Holland’s portrayal is that he shows a frustrated side to Peter, as now he’s had a taste of being a hero he wants nothing more than the next mission and to fight alongside the likes of Iron Man and The Avengers. He forgets that he is still a high school student and that part of his life should also be as defining, as well as what he does protecting New York as Spiderman. It was a great idea for the film to show us that Peter thinks that without Spiderman he is nothing and that will define who he is. There was one scene in particular I really enjoyed being Tony and Peter, after a somewhat disaster on a ferry. Tony basically outright says to the young web-slinger that he wanted Peter to be better than him and that Spiderman should not be the only reason for living. He says something to Peter that hits home “If you’re nothing without the suit, then maybe you shouldn’t have it”. In this moment it’s a test of Peter Parker as he has to be more than just the Spiderman and he has to focus on the other side of his character. I thought this scene was brilliant between the two as you could really see that Tony is trying to act as a mentor to the young hero and think this was a perfect example, one of my favourite scenes between the two actors.

I was so impressed with Tom Holland’s performance and impact during Captain America: Civil War, that I was really looking forward to see how he held his own in his first solo Spiderman movie. For me, Spiderman: Homecoming has proved that Tom Holland is a brilliant actor and embodies everything that I love about Spiderman, it was like watching pages from a comic book brought to life. I was a fan of Andrew Garfield, but I do think that Holland is the Spiderman we’ve always wanted and deserved. I think he got both sides to the character spot on in this film. He captures the essence of Peter Parker so well, a young kid that has the intelligence, good heart, driven by his morals set by his uncle, passionate and an all around good person. I like how they went about portraying Peter in this movie as they showed that in his young age he made a lot of mistakes, but he tries to correct his wrong doing’s which I thought that Holland really got spot on. I think that he definitely stole the show for every scene he was in, he just has the charisma of Peter Parker and when he suits up as Spiderman, he nails the quirky personality of the web-head. I think that he definitely holds his own and not once did he get undermined by Robert Downey Jr or Michael Keaton, if anything he has great on screen chemistry with his co-stars and think it adds that little bit more to the movie.

From the trailer’s for this movie, I knew that both Robert Downey Jr’s Iron Man/ Tony Stark would appear in this film as well as Michael Keaton’s Adrian Toomes/ Vulture but didn’t know how much of a role they would have. With Stark, he isn’t in the film as much as I thought but I felt that he acted better as a support character as it didn’t take away the limelight from Tom Holland as this was a Spiderman movie after all. Stark acted as a mentor for Peter in this film, after the events of Civil War he kept a close eye on him seeing what kind of hero he could become. He definitely did give some tough love to the young hero in this film, which drove Peter on to proving that he is much more than just a kid. Even with Tony’s scenes he had an impact, it still didn’t take away from the fact that this was all about Holland’s Spiderman and I think this was important not to take the spotlight away from the main character.

The other big actor in this film as Michael Keaton, who portrayed Adrian Toomes/ The Vulture who also had some great moments in the film. I have been a massive fan of Keaton for years and think he was just brilliant as Toomes, especially as you did feel like you could relate to his character as well as Peter. The overall idea of Toomes’s character is that he is a family fan that is doing what he does to provide for his family, but soon realises that people with power like Stark and the government don’t care about the little guy. I think that the design for the Vulture was brilliant and offered a really great take on a character that was portrayed as almost laughable in the earlier comics, so I was more that pleased with the menacing design the creators came up with. I really enjoyed the battles between him and Spiderman, as I thought that both actors fed of each other really well and provided some of the film’s best action sequences. I enjoyed Keaton’s role in the film and think that by the end of the film he redeems himself as villain by protecting the identity of Spiderman, which I thought was admirable for his character considering he almost killed him.

I think that Spiderman: Homecoming being a high school superhero movie does set it apart from previous entries into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The movie holds it’s own as a solo title and about all else feel’s like a Marvel project. The film obviously shows us the first solo outing for the young Spiderman, but we also have the other side to the narrative of following Peter Parker’s story. He is trying to get the balance of his school life as well as trying to prove to Tony Stark that he could be a valued member of The Avengers, wanting nothing more than to become an official member. The film acts as a metaphor for Peter trying to get the right balance of being the person behind the mask, as well as protecting Queen’s as a renowned hero. The constant message during the story is that Peter feels like he is nothing without Spiderman and thinks that being Peter Parker isn’t as important as his responsibilities as a hero. This is definitely the backbone of the film and drives the plot forward for sure.

The movie as a whole just has a really fun and exciting quality to it. I like how we get to see a younger Spiderman just starting out, trying to adapt to normal life after battling against Captain America and The Avengers in Civil War. I did laugh a lot at the moments where Peter was trying to understand and master his abilities, even so much as to hacking into his suit against Tony’s will. I mean holy shit does that suit have some power and abilities behind it! The film provides some awesome action pieces but is also combined with some great use of humour, especially when Spidey is trying to web-swing and he has no buildings to web on to and you see him running between trees and houses and makes for some entertaining moments. I think it added a nice change of pace to the setting of the film, as we are so used to seeing Spiderman swinging between big building’s of New York so I think it was great to show some real obstacles that Spiderman was faced with.

My own thoughts is that Spiderman: Homecoming is a much stronger and well developed film that we have seen with the character before now. It strides on being a strong character-driven movie, as much as it is an action film. The film delivers some pretty spectacular action pieces such as Spiderman climbing up the Washington Monument, the ferry rescue which saw Iron Man coming to help with things don’t go so well for Peter. I can’t talk about action scenes without mentioning that pretty awesome airplane scene at the end in which Peter was trying to stop Toomes from stealing some heavy duty Avengers tech! All of these add to the pretty epic scenes we saw from Civil War, just confirming that Holland own’s the character and for me is the best incarceration of Spiderman. Besides the action element to the movie, I think that the heart of Homecoming is to the character development and the relationships that are formed only becoming stronger as the film progresses.

Overall, I think that Spiderman: Homecoming is everything I had hoped for in Tom Holland’s first solo movie and goes even further than my expectations. It is just a brilliant, fun, humourous and overall brilliant moment for the character of Spiderman and a fine addition to the MCU. The story is one that has many themes that I felt I could relate to as I have gone through similar experiences and adding empathy to the character is the sign of a great movie. After this film I can’t wait to see Holland reprise his role in Avenger’s Infinity War, especially after D23 Expo this weekend!


The next time we see Holland’s Spiderman, he will be teaming up with The Avengers, Doctor Strange and the Guardian’s of the Galaxy next May!
Holy shit I cannot wait for that!!!!




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