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Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy – First Impression


I finally managed to grab a copy of Crash Bandicoot N.  Sane Trilogy exclusive to PS4, after weeks of the game being sold out! I’ve only played a few levels on the first game and thought I would do a brief post on my first impressions of the game so far.

So with Crash Bandicoot N,Sane Trilogy, you get all three original games that have been remastered in full HD and to say they look amazing would be an understatement! The developer on this game, Vicarious Visions, really have done a fantastic job on updating the graphics for the games to next gen. I love how the levels I have played so far are exactly like the original PS1 game, from the placement of boxes to the NPC creatures trying to stop Crash in his tracks but with a serious improvement on the graphics. At first glance it looks like something straight out of a Disney/Pixar film, Crash looks like he could appear in Big Hero 6 the graphics really surprised me. I knew they were going to be good but holy shit they have far surpassed my expectations.

The thing I love about the game so far is that the controls are exactly the same as the original games, reminds me of how I felt when I first played the game back when I was a kid. The thing with the Crash Bandicoot games is that the controls weren’t the best and felt clunky sometimes but that’s what added character to the game, which I think is the same for the remastered version. The game is still as fun and in terms of a next gen game it really does hold it’s own. I’ve only played a little of the game so far but I love it already and can’t wait to get stuck into it some more, plus now the game has trophies added to it I can sense me wanting to go for the platinum for each game….damn you trophies!

Based on the game I’ve played so far, I am very happy that I picked up a copy of Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy and I highly recommend that it is worth picking up! I think that it’s the best remaster title we have seen on the PS4 so far and has provided a fantastic upgrade for the classic games. Plus getting all 3 games for the price of 1 is a true bargain and will provide hours of gaming entertainment.

I think I will do a full game review once I’ve played through each of the Crash titles, as I definitely want to experience each game in the trilogy.

What are your guys thoughts on the N.Sane Trilogy so far?




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