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San Diego Comic Con 2017 – Arrowverse New Season Trailer Reveals


It’s that time of year again folks…..San Diego Comic Con 2017 is finally upon us!

This is the time of year that is the best time to be a comic book/movie/tv/gaming fan as we get the big reveals for upcoming projects coming out within the next year. I’ve always wanted to attend San Diego but sadly another year has arrived and I find myself watching the coverage from a computer screen, nevertheless I still geek out to all the awesomeness that has been coming out of Comic Con this year! The part I always look forward to is the big reveals for the CW shows, to be more precise the Arrowverse shows in particular. If you didn’t know I am a huge fan of Arrow, The Flash, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl so I was really looking forward to tuning into the panels at San Diego, to see all the stars, producers and writers of the shows give some juicy details for the upcoming new seasons.

So in this post I’m just briefly going to talk about the trailers and what we can expect to see when the shows return in October!

The Flash – A new Team Flash?

First up is The Flash Season 4 trailer that was revealed at San Diego Comic Con and I must say I am very impressed from what was featured in the trailer. The trailer showed us what life has been like for Team Flash after the events of the Season 3 finale, in which we saw Barry trapping himself in the Speed Force. We see a much different Iris who appears headstrong and driven, living the past 6 months with Barry which also means there has been no sighting of The Flash in Central City. The trailer also shows Caitlin back at STAR Labs working with Team Flash once again, which was cool to see as at the end of last season she wasn’t sure who to be after her spell as Killer Frost. One of my favourite moments was seeing Kid Flash and Vibe teaming up to take on a new threat for Central City, I think the on screen dynamic between Carlos Valdes and Keiynan Lonsdale seemed really fun in this segment so can’t wait to see how that plays out. My personal favourite highlight was the final part of the trailer where it looks like we saw Barry suited up as The Flash, in what appeared to be the future suit we saw last season when Barry traveled in time to meet his future self, so I was freaking out a bit at the sight of that! It looks like Cisco also had built some device in an attempt to pull Barry out of the Speed Force, as you know Central City will need The Flash!

Check out the trailer in the above link!

I believe The Flash returns on 10th October on The CW, not sure on the UK date as of yet.

Arrow – Who survived the island?

Next up was the Arrow Season 6 trailer reveal at Comic Con, which was the one I was very much looking forward to especially after that dramatic cliffhanger in Season 5! The trailer started off recapping the events from the Season 5 finale so it helped re-jog our memories from Oliver’s final battle with Adrian Chase. After that we switch to the present day and we get to see Juliana Harkavy’s Black Canary going up against Katie Cassidy’s Black Siren, which was awesome to see that they survived as I thought their fight in the finale was one of the stand out moments last year.

I think one of the coolest parts in the trailer was where we got to see Slade Wilson in the present, so safe to say that he survived the island explosion! It was confirmed that Manu Bennett would be returning in Season 6 but we don’t know to what extent he will appear in the show, nevertheless I loved seeing him and Stephen Amell in the present scenes. It felt like a throwback to Season 1, a kind of nostalgic touch in the trailer so can’t wait to see the role Slade has in the new season.

I think one of my stand out moments was the monologue that Slade had in the trailer, “We walk in two worlds. We can only do that for so long”. There was just something about that line that sent chills down my spine as it sounded like Slade was referring to the life of a vigilante, as well as possibly the life of a parent and how it may have to be a case of choosing one over the other.

Arrow returns on 12th October in the US on The CW, again not sure on the UK date.

Supergirl – The end of Kara Danvers?

We then got shown the Season 3 trailer for Supergirl, which introduced some new characters and faces for the new season. It was announced recently that Smallville alum Erica Durance would be playing Kara’as mum this season, which was a really great announcement and we got a brief look at her character which was cool. It also featured a voiceover of Kara and based on it you can tell she is a bit distraught and broken from the events in Season 2, leading to Mon-El having to leave earth. In the final moments of the trailer we hear Kara questioning herself a to whether she can live by the two sides of her, she questions about being Kara Danvers as well a Supergirl. So I think the theme of identity will be running throughout the beginning part of Season 3.

Supergirl returns on 9th October on The CW, again no UK date has been announced yet.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow – A New Evil Rises


The final trailer reveal we got at San Diego Comic Con was the Season 3 trailer for DC’s Legends of Tomorrow! As we know from the ending of Season 2, the Legends kind of broke time….again….so when we last saw them they were in a very confusing and mixed up looking timeline. It seems that the team are focused on trying to put history back to it’s natural order, but it looks like they have a hell of a task on their hands. The broken timeline doesn’t seem the only thing that the Legends will be faced with this year on the show.

When last season of Legends ended, Rip was no longer an active member of the team and decided to walk away. In the trailer we see moments of Rip and it seems like he has formed his own team, the Time Bureau but it seems that there is a great deal of secrecy regarding his new venture. It seems that Sara has her reservations about Rip and think that he may he hiding something from her and the team, so I have a feeling that this will be part of the story where they try to find out what Rip is up to. There is no indication to who the big bad will be for the season, but the trailer has given me enough to peek my interest and I look forward to seeing what adventures are in store for the Legends this season.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow returns on 10th October on The CW, but no UK date confirmed as of yet.

Well there we have it, all four shows with the reveals for the coming seasons at San Diego Comic Con 2017. I think it’s safe to say that were going to be in for a real action packed year for television in the Arrowverse. If the shows continue the momentum from the last seasons, especially Arrow, then I honestly can’t wait to see what the writers and producers have in store for us this year. Plus not to forget, we will be having the yearly crossover which will be between all four shows this year and I have a feeling that this year will top the Invasion crossover as epic as that was!

Strap yourselves in, October is going to be the start of a great year to be a comic book fan!



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