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Mallory Knox – Sugar: The Cambridge Rockers Have Done It Again!


Oh holy granulated sugar!!

Mallory Knox have done it yet again! This week they have been teasing that something has been in the pipeline and we would expect something on the 2nd August…that something being their brand new track titled “Sugar” and holy shit it is an absolute banger of a song!

I definitely think it’s going to be one of those songs that will be a summer soundtrack for sure. I have listened to the song a few times now and to me it sums up what Mallory Know are all about, it has that defining signature sound that separates the band from others on the scene right now. It has such a driving guitar riff and an absolute belter of a chorus that you can’t help but sing along to and nod your head to. I read an interview the band did with Rock Sound I think and it gave you a good insight into the origin of the song and the themes contained within it.

Here’s what bassist Sam Douglas said about “Sugar” and what it is about:

 “about feeling completely isolated and alone in a world where it feels like everyone has someone to lean on except you. You’re driven to a point of desperation, which makes you feel that having someone for a very short period of time (ie. a one night stand) is better than having no one at all.” 

I think it is one of Mallory Knox’s best songs and for me it is an example of why they are my favourite band. I was a big fan of their third album “Wired” that dropped earlier this year, so the idea that they have released a new stand alone single is exciting as a fan and it means a new record could be on the way! I always relate to music and find my own meaning of a song by thinking of my own personal experiences and memories, so when I heard this song I felt like it was one those tracks I can relate to as I definitely have experienced the themes within the song in my life for sure. I think songs like this are the reason I am such a huge fan of Mallory Knox and if they keep making music like this then I know that this band are going to really go far and can’t wait to see what’s in store for these guys next.

Check out Mallory Knox’s new song below:


Let me know what you guys think of the song!


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