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London Film and Comic Con 2017 – Day 1 coverage: Friday


So it’s been a week now since London Film and Comic Con 2017 and I’m still recovering from the weekend, as it was packed full for me! Had such an amazing time at the con meeting some really epic guests and just had an all around great time across the three day weekend. Essentially this post is going to be a round up of some of my personal favourite moments from the weekend, including meeting guests, talks I attended and the photo ops that I went to. I’m going to be doing coverage of all three days otherwise this will turn into a dissertation just for Comic Con! So first up I’m going to start with my favourite moments from Friday.

Without further ado let’s get to it shall we?


First thing that I did upon getting into the convention Friday morning was getting my bearings and gaining a rough idea of where everything was i.e. stools, photo areas, stage for talks and where the guests autograph tables would be located. I literally rushed up to the second floor to find the guests and got my tickets for the guests I wanted to meet and get autographs from. For those who are unaware, LFCC employs a virtual queuing system (known as VQ) in which you get a ticket for a specific guest you want to meet with a number on and the tickets are called in batches of 30, eventually increasing the ticket number throughout the day. So I went to the guest queues I wanted to try and meet on the Friday before the chaos of Saturday! I managed to get some pretty low numbers on Friday which meant that I wouldn’t have to be queuing all day! This year the guest lineup was just amazing, had a lineup that is probably the best I have seen at LFCC so naturally I did the three days to try and spread meeting the guests out and still have time to enjoy the convention as a whole.

John Rhys-Davies

After getting a rough idea of where things were inside Olympia, I went to my first photo op which was quite early in the morning and this was with none other than Gimli himself John Rhys- Davies! He was a late addition to the show and being a massive Lord of the Rings fan I knew that I wanted a photo with him as well as meeting him at his autograph table! I went to the photo op area for his shoot and I must say he was one of the nicest, welcoming and most fun guests I’ve met. He was really great with the fans and when it was my turn he was very welcoming, shook his hand and then we waited for the photographer to take the picture. It was in this moment that he was having a bit of fun and was tickling my neck and I just burst out laughing and after having the photo with him I was like…”I just got tickled by Gimli” a proper fanboy moment there! As soon as I got my photo printout I went to his autograph table and wanted him to sign it as well as getting the opportunity to talk with him about Lord of the Rings. He was just such a pleasure to talk with and I could’ve stood there for ages talking to him but he was very humble and I just thanked him for one of the greatest trilogies ever to be filmed and thought how epic he was as Gimli. He even started talking in his character which was just a priceless moment. It was already a great start to LFCC 2017 and I was on such a high after this first guest!

Here’s my photo op with John Rhys-Davies signed by the man himself:

John Rhys Davies Photo Op.jpg

Joe Dinicol

The next guest I wanted to meet was Joe Dinicol who made an appearance in Season 5 of Arrow this year, he played the character of Ragman and I definitely wanted to meet him as he seemed like a pretty awesome guy. I was lucky as there was no queue at his signing table so I went up to him and just started talking about the finale of Arrow’s fifth season and how I thought he had such a great character in the season. He was really humble and such a chatty guy, really hope that we get to see him back on the show as thought he was a strong character for Team Arrow 2.0. I got his autograph and I also had a photo op with him as well. It was cool talking to him about the show as even though he was on it, you could tell that he was a fan as well and was so passionate and into the show. I just thanked him for being an awesome character and hope we get to see him again on Arrow and even make an appearance at Heroes and Villains Fan Fest 2018. This was his first ever convention and I have a feeling it won’t be his last!

My photo op with Joe Dinicol:

Joe Dinicol Photo Op.jpg

David Morrissey

One of the reasons I wanted to attend LFCC this year was the fact that there were three of The Walking Dead cast there and I’ve kind of undertaken a little challenge as as fan….I have this massive The Walking Dead poster that I want to get signed by all the cast members of the show! I know….you’re probably thinking are you crazy?! So I thought I would attempt to start the poster off this weekend and first up was meeting The Governor himself David Morrissey! I had a photo op with him and he was a very cool guy and as soon as I got my printout I went to queue at his table and have him be the first cast member to sign my poster. I managed to get through his queue pretty quick and the guy was just a real pleasure to talk with. I mean The Governor is still one of my favourite all time villains on The Walking Dead and I was gutted when his character got killed off, as every episode in that whole arc from Woodbury to the Prison I remember being on the edge of my seat! I got my poster out for signing and what he did next was just brilliant. He signed it by Rick on the poster and even drew a little face of The Governor, which he didn’t have to do but it was so awesome of him to have done that and then he shook my hand and I walked off. I was like damn that was worth the wait to meet him, he left a great impression and not often you get that with guests.

Check out my photo op with David Morrissey:

David Morrissey Photo Op.jpg

Michelle Harrison

After my little fanboy moment from meeting David Morrissey, the next guest I had a photo op with was Michelle Harrison who played the character of Nora Allen on The Flash, naturally she was a guest I wanted to meet as well. She was absolutely lovely in person and so welcoming and she was stunning up close. I did enjoy her portrayal of Nora Allen on The Flash, even though we saw her death scene a few times on the show it always made you feel sad. I enjoyed her screen time in season 3 during the Flashpoint story arc. I had a really nice chat with her and was just a real pleasure to talk with her and get her autograph, which she personalised and that was an added bonus as she didn’t have to do that. One of my favourite guests I’ve met for definite!

My photo op with Michelle Harrison:

Michelle Harrison Photo Op.jpg

Selwyn Ward

I’ve been really fortunate with the type of guests I have met in the past, some of those included the actors from the Power Rangers television series so when I knew that some of those actors would be at LFCC my inner child was like YYYYYYEEEAAAAAAHHHHHH! One of those actors was Selwyn Ward who played T.J in Power Rangers:Turbo as the Red Ranger and then went on to become the Blue Space Ranger in Power Rangers: In Space, so I was eager to meet him at it was his first UK appearance at a convention. What a cool dude he was! I mean it’s not everyday you get to meet on of your childhood heroes and he was just a pleasure to talk with and in his photo op he even had the Red Turbo Ranger helmet and I was thinking to myself “Don’t freak out”, as it was so cool to be able to hold it and see it up close. I then went to his signing table after I had the photo with him and had a great chat with him about Power Rangers and how the fan base is still going strong after all these years. What I really liked about Selwyn and the other three Ranger actors was they genuinely look liked they wanted to be there and were so great with the fans and their talk was so fun as well. Another one to cross of my Ranger list!

Check out my photo op with Selwyn Ward;

Selwyn Ward Photo Op.jpg

Dean Cain

One of the last minute guest announcements had me super stoked as it was none other than Dean Cain AKA Superman! I remember growing up watching The Adventures of Lois and Clark as a kid and thought it was awesome seeing that portrayal of Superman, plus Dean Cain also appeared on Supergirl as Jeremiah Danvers and he played such a mysterious character which was great to see unfold each week. So naturally when I heard the announcement he was attending LFCC I knew that I wanted to meet him and get my Superman Pop Vinyl signed by him too! I had a photo op with him in the afternoon as he was only at Friday between 2pm and 6pm, so I didn’t want to miss my chance to get his autograph. In the photo shoot he was such a cool guy, really bubbly and charismatic and was brilliant with each and every fan. When it was my turn he shook my hand and took a minute to look at my Green Arrow t-shirt and he was like “dude that shirt is awesome! He never looked that cool in the show!” So already I was like wow this guy is epic just for checking out my t-shirt. I got my photo op with him and then as soon as I collected it I headed straight over to his signing table and waited my turn to get my Pop signed. I tried like four times as had to duck out for other photo ops and what not, but when it was my turn to get his autograph it was so worth the wait! He was just as fun and still had the charisma he had in the photo op. I had a major nerd moment as was talking about the show he was on and how it was a part of my childhood and he looked at my Pop and was like “Now this is a good looking guy!” That was so dope and he personalised it for me which again he didn’t have to do and it was super awesome he did and I just remember having the biggest smile on my face after I left his table. I was just very thankful he could make the show and said that he is a personal hero of mine and he was really humble and thankful. He was hands down one of my highlight guests on the Friday as he left such a great impression!

Here’s my photo op with Dean Cain:

Dean Cain Photo Op.jpg

Emily Kinney

My last guest of day 1 was the lovely Emily Kinney, ticking off my second of the three The Walking Dead guests this weekend! She played Beth and was killed off back in Season 4 of the show and it was such a sad character death and remember screaming at the TV with the way it happened! (RIP Beth) I had a photo op with her which was the last of the day for me and then I headed straight back over to her signing table to add to my massive The Walking Dead poster. She was so cool, had a little chat with her about the show and how I was gutted when she got killed off. She was really sweet and kind, stunning up close and you could tell she really made time for her fans. She signed my poster for me and was just an all around genuine human being. I’m really glad I got to meet her as wasn’t sure if she’d be at Walker Stalker London 2018 and didn’t want to run the risk of missing out on meeting her, so I’m over the moon I got to meet her at LFCC.

Here’s my photo op with Emily Kinney;

Emily Kinney Photo Op.jpg

That brings Day 1 of London Film and Comic Con 2017 to a close!

Damn when I actually sit here and go back over this post I actually crammed so much into the first day. I’m glad I did as this was the quieter day of the three so I wanted to try and meet a majority of the guests when it was less busy as I knew that Saturday the queues were going to be insane! I just remember heading back to my hotel from Olympia after the show ended on Friday thinking “holy shit what an amazing first day!” I had this stupid ass grin on my face walking back to my hotel room as I was on such a buzz after all I achieved in this first day and just thinking back on the guests I was able to meet. Thing is with conventions the main reason I attend these days is to meet the people behind these amazing and well crafted character’s that you feel empathy with. It’s cool to be able to meet people, some of which I look up to and idolise, and to have the opportunity to be able to talk to them in person and get to know them as people is something that money can’t by. It’s just an amazing feeling and was so looking forward to being able to do it all again on Day 2.

I hope you guys have enjoyed my nerdy coverage of the first day from London Film and Comic Con 2017. Just can’t believe it was a week ago, it’s insane how quick time flies these days! It’s cool to reminisce about the memories I made from the weekend.

Next time I’ll be providing my coverage from the Saturday of LFCC 2017, keep an eye out for that post as it will include my highlights of meeting Doctor Strange himself Benedict Cumberbatch!





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