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Arrow Season 6 Premiere – “Fallout” Review

“We can only walk in two world’s for so long”

Finally…..the season 6 premiere of Arrow aired Thursday  and I could not get home from work fast enough to watch it! Especially when you get a text from one of your best friend’s saying that shit hits the fan in the episode. The episode titled “Fallout” is set five months after that shocking cliffhanger from season 5 that left me thinking how the hell will Arrow move forward from here?! This episode was coming off of what I personally think was the best episode in Arrow’s history, so I was very much looking forward to seeing who survived the events of Lian Yu and how the character’s would be operating after such a major event. After a very enjoyable season 4 premiere for The Flash, I could not wait to watch Arrow and it did not disappoint at all! So let’s get to it…


As I mentioned at the start, the episode is set 5 months after the events that unfolded on Lian Yu and we get to see the Green Arrow in action protecting Star City, with the help of his team. The one thing I really liked about the way the episode started is that I didn’t know who had survived and who hadn’t, it was like a puzzle with new pieces being added as the episode progressed. You could just tell that the show had a different feel early on and the stakes felt a lot higher and I personally felt that the show had this epic vibe to it. The aftermath of Adrian Chase/Prometheus definitely has started a domino effect on the other character’s as you could tell that they weren’t the same people they were last season. I did like how we had the events unfolding in the present and the flashbacks showed us glimpses of what happened after the island detonated. I loved seeing Manu Bennett back on the show as Slade Wilson/Deathstroke is still my favourite Arrow villain and was cool seeing him back in the fold, even if it was to deliver back news to Oliver regarding Thea. The flashbacks showed us that Thea wasn’t in good shape at all and in the present she appears to be comatose and Samantha ended up dying leaving William in the hands of Oliver, to protect him and get him off the island.

The death of Samantha did play an important part in Oliver’s character as it will open a new arc for him, having to balance being the Mayor, the Green Arrow and to be a father for his son. I must admit that even though Samantha wasn’t a main character her death still left a lump in my throat. I think it was seeing how Stephen Amell acted in this scene got me as well, he really can deliver the emotional side of Oliver when called upon and man did he do it here! Oliver’s character isn’t the only one that will be affected this season as you can sense that the aftermath of Lian Yu has affected each member of Team Arrow in one way or another; I suppose the only way to describe it is that some of the character’s are suffering from a form of PTSD. Not all the character’s from the island were accounted for as we don’t know if Nyssa or Talia Al Ghul survived or whether Evelyn did for that matter. It’s safe to assume that Malcolm Merlyn bit the dust, but my rule is if you don’t see a body then the character isn’t dead…well that’s how I look at it anyway! I imagine that in the next few episodes we will get more of a look into the island and find out more about what happened and how they got off the island. The writers wouldn’t want to give all that way in the first episode, let’s be honest.

As I mentioned earlier, some of the character’s seem to be suffering from some form of PTSD, particularly Diggle. For me, John Diggle has always been the rock of the team. He’s dealt with metahumans and aliens and didn’t seem to lose his composure but you can tell the effects of Lian Yu have left him doubting his abilities and faith in himself. When the team were out in the field and Dig tried to use his gun he just froze or he missed the shot badly, even Diana pulled him up on this and you can tell that this isn’t something he will overcome in a few episodes. Something else I liked in the episode as exploring this new father/son dynamic between Oliver and William as this is something the Emerald Archer hasn’t had to deal with before. It seems that Williams blames Oliver for the death of Samantha and refer to him as the “bad man”, so this will be a completely alien experience for Ollie and something that hopefully will become easier as the season progresses.

I thought that was a solid episode for Quentin and Laurel/Black Siren as it seems that what happened on Lian Yu has opened up a sub plot in the show that I am very much looking forward to see play out over the coming weeks. I thought that Paul Blackthorne was as solid in the show as ever as he captured a very conflicted Lance over choosing to shoot his “daughter” to save Diana’s life back on the island. The flashbacks were key here in understanding why there was this aligned secrecy between the two characters and it all comes into focus when you actually see Lance shoot Black Siren. I have to give it to Paul Blackthorne again for being able to capture Quentin’s raw emotion both in the past and present when it came to him being confronted with Black Siren, you can tell that this is going to be a tough ride for him this season. I love that Katie Cassidy is back on the show, I was so pissed when they killed Laurel off back in season 4 and especially the way it was done! So when I heard that Black Siren would be back on the show as a series regular, I was actually so stoked to see her portray a different side to Laurel’s character in the form of Earth 2 Black Siren. You could just tell that she is having fun playing this character and it really came across on screen and she looked totally badass in the Black Siren outfit…yeah I have a bit of a crush on Katie Cassidy, guilty as charged! One thing for certain is that having two versions of Black Canary makes sense after seeing the two go against each other, which by the way was one of my favourite moments of the show as Diana and Laurel’s fight scenes were on point! Have to take my hat off to James Bamford, who as always has helped to deliver the highest level of fight choreography to grace our television screens…well played Mr Bamford!

I watched all the panels at the different Comic Cons over the summer and a current subject that came up for Arrow was the flashbacks. Since I became a fan of Arrow, I always enjoyed the flashback segments of the show….actually let me correct that, I enjoyed them in season 1 and 2 and then last season as they had relevance to the story. I think the decision to keep them to show what actually happened on Lian Yu was a smart decision by the writers, as I didn’t want to find out what happened straight away and using the flashback formats for this really worked in the episode. The good thing about them is that there are still characters unaccounted for so we still don’t know what happened to the Al Ghul sisters! I think that the flashbacks this season will be of great importance and won’t go off subject or be there for the sake of being there, as like with last season the flashbacks will serve an important part to the story. For me personally, and a lot of people may disagree but this is my take on it, I think that the short flashbacks worked well in the episode and helped link to the present story well. Like with last season, towards the end the flashbacks really linked the past and present so well so I think this will be the same case for season 6. Regardless of this, I think it’s going to be really interesting seeing how they all got off the island and returned to Star City.

I like how the episode didn’t give us a look into the season’s big bad, as I think that would’ve overwhelmed the episode and been too much in one go. I think it was a great idea for the writers to show how the team were adjusted after the events of Lian Yu 5 months later, but also showing that the characters and the team didn’t return unaffected from what happened. At the end of the episode it seemed that Oliver is faced with yet another problem to take on, as if he didn’t have enough going on already! It seems that someone has leaked the identity of the Green Arrow with a very convincing photo of him in the suit unmasked. One question I had is who the hell took that photo and why are they setting him up?! I mean we have had this similar situation in the past where someone has outed Oliver Queen as the Green Arrow but I think this time it’s going to be different, as for the first time Ollie doesn’t seem to know what to do about this new problem when Felicity asks him what they’re going to do. Back in season 3, we know that Roy took the fall for Oliver admitting to being the Arrow so I have no idea how he’s going to cover this one up! I guess the only thing he has going for him is that one he is the mayor and two, the people in the city hopefully have forgotten about the last time he was being accused of being a vigilante. One thing for sure is that this episode has set the groundwork for what is going to surely be a tense second episode!

Overall, I thought that “Fallout” was a solid start to Arrow’s sixth season and I think did a solid job in showing how the team is trying to overcome what happened in that explosive season 5 finale. It had some solid highlights from the two Canary’s going against each other, to the Green Arrow kicking some ass in the field and even saving Wild Dog from what could’ve been game over for him. I just felt that the show, based on this episode, had a much more epic and darker feel to it and in some ways reminded me of the tone of season 1 and 2. The fight choreography felt as epic as ever and the action scenes were just awesome to watch. One thing is for sure, Oliver is faced with yet another challenge this early on in the season both with being a father and now the fact someone is trying to out him as the Green Arrow yet again! I’ll say this though, we haven’t got to the bottom of what happened after Lian Yu exploded and think we’re going to be in for some interested revelations as season 6 develops. For me personally, I am so stoked that Arrow has returned and this episode proved why this show is probably my favourite in the Arrowverse! Bring on next week’s episode!!

Check out the trailer for “Fallout” below:







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