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The Walking Dead: Season 8 Premiere – “Mercy” Review

“I hope you got your shittin’ pants on, because you are gonna shit your pants!”

The Walking Dead finally returned to our TV sets tonight with the highly anticipated Season 8 premiere! After a strong finish to Season 7, I was very much looking forward to seeing where the show would progress with the conflict of Negan and the Saviours! I have been keeping up to date with updates on the eighth season and I was the San Diego Comic Con panel as well, so I was so stoked for the show to return.


Not only was this episode the Season 8 premiere but it also marked the 100th episode of The Walking Dead! I mean 100 episodes, for any show that is quite a feat!! I got a feeling that this would be a special episode marking such an incredible milestone and it definitely delivered as what we got was an action-packed episode, that got us to follow Rick as his plan unfolded to take down the Saviours! The episode titled “Mercy”, directed by Greg Nicotero, was a great start to the new season and it just felt epic and that the stakes are higher than ever before on the show.

I thought the episode had so many great moments as we saw Rick’s plan coming into motion to try and taken down the Saviours and get to Negan in the process. I liked the use of the flash-forward scenes as during the episode the group talks about creating a better tomorrow today, so this gave us an insight into what Rick hopes could happen after taking down Negan. This explains the whole old man Rick snippet that was featured in the Season 8 trailer that was released at San Diego Comic Con. It was cool to see a future scenario in what could happen after this war but is just one of many possibilities for Rick and the others. During the duration of the episode, there were a few different storylines that all tied in towards the main one showing different groups of characters putting little pieces in motion to dent the Saviours. We got to see the group taking out scouts, patrol locations and areas infected with walkers to try and draw them to towards the Sanctuary. I enjoyed these moments as got to see some of the characters reunited who didn’t necessarily see much of each other last season.

I must admit it was cool seeing people from the Hilltop, the Kingdom and Alexandria all coming together to form one massive alliance in an effort to fight back against Negan. There was a scene where Maggie, Ezekiel and Rick made speeches to this newly formed army and it was cool to hear some inspiring words from the three leaders. You could tell that all the surrounding characters look up to these three especially and speaking words of inspiration and hope is exactly what they needed as they prepared to march into battle.

As the episode progressed, I could tell that Rick knew exactly what he was doing and you could tell that all the pieces are being put into motion to cut the Saviours power and supply off. It was a team effort for sure as there were so many different aspects that the characters had to put in place to make sure the plan was successful. One thing for sure is that Rick knows that they only get one shot at trying to take Negan and his posse down so everything has to go off without a hitch, whether it does or not is a different story. By the end of the episode there are still elements of the plan going on such as Rick and Daryl storming a facility while we have Carol and Ezekiel tackling what looks like a research facility, both were being carried out simultaneously.

One thing for sure is that a) Gregory is a complete deuschenstein and b) Gabriel looks like he’s in for a real shit storm! By the end of the assault on Negan’s stronghold he ends up locking himself in a room to escape the zombie hoard, greeted by none other than Negan himself. I thought that Jeffrey Dean Morgan was brilliant as his character and yet again brings the charisma of the baseball bat wielding psycho. I think it’s safe to say that Gabriel is going to be in for a world of pain based on the last thing we hear Negan say to him, “I hope you got your shittin’ pants on, because you are gonna shit your pants”. Could this be the end of the road for Gabriel?! I guess we will have to see over the next episode or two!

Overall, I thought that The Walking Dead Season 8 premiere “Mercy” was a solid start to the new season. It featured plenty of guns, explosions, walkers and action to boot, helping to set Rick’s plan in motion for taking down Negan and the Saviours. I think that the episode did a solid job of setting things up by bringing each of the three settlements together. One thing is for sure that you know the actions of Rick and the others are going to have consequences and not everyone is going to survive this fight. All I can say is that the next few episodes are going to be important, especially with Gabriel being trapped with Negan!

Bring on the next episode!!










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