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Rick and Morty Design Contest

Hey guys!

So if any of you follow my social media channels, you’ll know that I have taken part and entered the Rick and Morty Design Contest on For Fans By Fans. I’m been pouring a lot of time and effort into my illustration work lately and I wanted to enter this just to prove to myself that I can draw something related to a brief.

It was a lot of fun when coming up with my design as my imagination just kind of run wild and my final design wasn’t even the one I was going to submit. I’m a massive fan of Rick and Morty just purely because it is so out there and definitely goes against the norm. The creators of the show had a brilliant concept for it and their imagination runs wild, if you’ve seen the show then you know what I’m talking about! I just decided to think of a design that really portrays the characters traits and I think I managed to succeed with this in my final submission.

One of the best characters on the show is Scary Terry, basically a Freddie Kruger type character with a ball bag for a face….that’s right you read that correctly! So I thought it would be funny to draw him as a rocket and have Rick and Morty on different parts of the page to show their character’s off. I drew Rick at the bottom basically flipping off Scary Terry as he doesn’t give a shit and then have Morty at the top of the page freaking out at what was below!

I spent a good week or so drawing mocks up and rough versions of the design and then when it came to doing the final version I spent a good 6 hours on a Saturday drawing and colouring the design. I redrew the design in Photoshop with my graphics tablet and then coloured it digitally, which is one of the skills I developed in university. By the end of the day, my hand felt dead from holding a pen constantly but then once I looked at the finished piece I was over the moon with how it turned out! I worked in layers and had at least 15 layers for the lineart and different uses of colour. It’s one of my favourite pieces I’ve done and I think that it portrays what Rick and Morty is all about!

The contest runs until the 22nd November and you can vote for the designs you like daily leading up to the deadline. If you guys like my design, it would mean a lot if you could vote for it and help spread the word!

You can vote for my design at the following link:

You can check out my design below, which I call “Need a ride B!#ch?!”

Rick and Morty Contest Entry 1


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