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MCM London Comic Con October 2017 – Weekend Coverage

It’s been a few weeks since I got back from the 32nd MCM London Comic Con, which took place during the last week of October and was the second show of 2017 at the Excel Center.

I have attend MCM about 5 times now, this being my sixth, and I have to say this was probably the most enjoyment I’ve experienced at the show. The event itself was spread across three days which featured so many cool things such as UK exclusive collectibles, celebrity guests, a shit ton of superheroes, panels, photo ops with guests, thousands of fans, games, comic books and anime/manga enthusiasts.

I’m not really a fan of MCM in previous years where it was mainly focused on anime and manga, in recent times I have moved away from that and have got more into my comic books and superheroes but what attracted me to this MCM was the fact that there was going to be a massive Marvel presence this year. This was the first time that Marvel have brought this experience to Europe and I must say it was one of my favourite parts of the weekend, just due to the amount of cool stuff they had on display! I think with the success that the Marvel Cinematic Universe has achieved over the past 10 years, MCM wanted to bring something different to the event and the Marvel display definitely brought something new and exciting for me. In one of the halls, there was a massive red section that was strictly dedicated to Marvel and the movies that have come out recently.


When I was at MCM London Comic Con, the release of Thor Ragnarok was creeping up and what I thought was really awesome was that they had props and costumes from the movie on display and you could take photos and get a real good look up close. This was one of the things I didn’t expect to see and I’m a sucker for movie propage and costume design so I wanted to check this out. The costumes featured were genuine ones that the actors used in the film. So you had Thor’s battle arena armour with swords, shield and the iconic helmet, as well as Hulk’s weapon’s and armour along with Loki’s costume amongst a variety of others. I enjoy seeing things like this up close as you get to really appreciate the design and the work that goes into bringing these character’s to life.

Check out the slideshow below, showcasing the costumes and props from Thor Ragnarok:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Next to the Thor Ragnarok costumes, Marvel were also showcasing costumes from the upcoming Black Panther movie as well. They were on the opposite side of where the Thor costumes and props were and I was thoroughly impressed with the Black Panther costume, up close it just looked incredible! All of the designs were just brilliant and I can’t wait to see them in action in the movie next year!

Check out the slideshow below showing the Black Panther costumes:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As well as having the costumes and props from both Thor Ragnarok and Black Panther, there was also a section dedicated to The Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy! This was at the center of the Marvel floor as you walk in and there were models of some of the iconic characters from Marvel’s history. There was one particular part that had lifesize models of Captain America, Iron Man and The Hulk which were absolutely spectacular and were nothing short of excellent. I had a proper fanboy moment and really took my time to admire and look around each of the models which had every intricate detail from Avengers Assemble. I mean the size of The Hulk one was just insane and I had to look up at it, that’s how tall it was!

Check out The Avengers models in the slideshow below:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Then close to The Avengers, there was a seriously epic Spiderman: Homecoming model of our beloved web slinger crouching on a building, in an iconic Spidey pose. I absolutely loved Homecoming and thought that Tom Holland nailed the crap out of both Peter Parker and Spiderman. So when I saw this model I was like HOLY SHIT!!!! If you guys didn’t know, I’m as massive Spiderman fan…check my Instagram out and you’ll see what I mean. The detail of the suit was on point and was like looking at a scene from the movie, very well articulated and captured the essence of Spiderman to every detail.

Check out the Spiderman Homecoming model in the slideshow below:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

After I had my moment admiring the Spiderman model, I then walked further around to the far side of the floor and then I stumbled across models from Guardians of the Galaxy, which featured Star Lord and Groot. I really liked the Star Lord model as on his shoulder he had Baby Groot, who we saw featured in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 and it was just such a cool model. It captured all the details of Star Lord’s helmet and weapons, as well as the cute factor for Baby Groot. Then behind him was a huge model of adult Groot from the first Guardians film, who probably rivaled Hulk in terms of height. Both of the sculptures captured the essence and details of both characters so well and I was just in awe wandering around, looking at them and taking photos as well.

Check out the Guardians of the Galaxy models in the slideshow below:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I tell you what, writing about these models and just the whole Marvel experience at MCM makes me relive the weekend and how in awe I was at the show! I think that Marvel bringing this to MCM was such a breathe of fresh air and gave the event something new and exciting. Being a massive comic book fan, this had my name stamped all over it and it was one of the biggest stand out attractions for me. I mean shit, it’s not often that you get to see these kind of models up close but I tell you like this they really were something awesome up close. The photo’s don’t do it justice!


Now as you guys now, I’ve been to a fair few conventions this year and have met a lot of my favourite actors and have been rather lucky and blessed to have met so many people I look up to and admire. MCM was another convention that had celebrity guests where you could attend autograph signings, photo op sessions and even attend panels where they would talk about their body of work. Now usually MCM doesn’t tend to have many guests, or ones that I’d want to meet, but this show had such an amazing variety of actors and talent that I could not pass up.

Anthony Mackie

The biggest headlining guest was The Falcon himself, Anthony Mackie, who managed to take a break from filming for Avengers Infinity War to come meet the fans in London. Now for me, this wasn’t even a question of whether I would meet him as when my friend told me about the announcement he was attending that was the moment I bought my ticket for the weekend! I mean damn, the chance to meet on of the Avengers was an opportunity I did not want to pass up. Outside of Marvel, I have been a fan of Anthony Mackie’s for a while as I enjoyed him in films such as Gangster Squad and Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. When I saw Captain America: The Winter Soldier and we were first introduced to Sam Wilson AKA Falcon, I thought his character was just brilliant and really worked well with Chris Evans. I thought that he brought a lot to the table and again, when I saw Civil War I thought that Falcon was an important part in that movie and was a strong addition for Team Cap.

I bought my entry ticket and my photo op ticket in advance to avoid them selling out, as I knew with the success of Spiderman Homecoming and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2, a lot of people would be wanting to meet Anthony Mackie and I was one of those people! What I thought was really cool about him was the fact that he let fans take photos and videos of him signing their items! Not a lot of guests do this and the fact that he is a massive signer letting people do this was so awesome as it’s a little memento to take away and look back on. One thing that was kinda funny and embarrassing was I kept calling Mackie Sam, as in Sam Wilson his character from the movies and I was like that’s who he plays! It was kinda funny as I did it each time I met him across the weekend, just a little chuckle I had to myself after!

I had the chance of going up to his signing table twice, as I got my Civil War Falcon Funko Pop Vinyl signed as well as my photo op too.

Check out my signed Falcon Pop from Civil War below:


Like I mentioned earlier, fans were allowed to take photos and videos of Anthony Mackie signing their item which for me was so awesome! I’ve been to a lot of cons and most of the guests don’t allow this, so the fact that Mackie was cool with it I thought just added to the awesomeness.

Check out the slideshow below of him signing my Falcon Pop Vinyl:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I also got a video of Mackie signing my Pop, but what made it so cool was the fact my Sharpie didn’t work and he made fun of the situation and it was just awesome. It was so funny and he made the experience so much more memorable for me as well, plus the fact this fell on my birthday as well made the experience that much more amazing! I mean else can say they met the Falcon on their birthday?!

Check out the video of Anthony Mackie signing my Pop Vinyl below:

Here’s my photo op with Anthony Mackie below which he signed for me:

Me and Anthony Mackie.jpg

Overall, he is probably one of the best and most memorable guests I’ve met this year and I’ve met a lot which is saying something! He was just such a cool guy, really friendly and welcoming and was just such a pleasure to meet and talk to. Definitely one of the highlights for MCM for me!

Manu Bennett

The second guest that was also a deciding factor for me attending MCM was Slade Wilson AKA Deathstroke himself, Manu Bennett! I’ve been wanting to meet this guy for a long time and I missed out back in May when he attended MCM as I was on the other side of London at Heroes and Villains Fan Fest, so you can probably imagine how gutted I was that I couldn’t meet him that weekend. But attending MCM and meeting him there twice definitely made up for it!

Naturally, I’ve been a massive fan of Manu Bennett since he first appeared in Arrow as Slade Wilson later on to become Deathstroke in season 2 and to this day that season is my favourite of the show. So I was more than eager to meet the man behind the character and get to talk to him about the role and just thank him for bringing such an iconic character to life and doing the character justice. I can honestly say he was one of the nicest, friendliest and most humble person I have met at a convention. He just had a great charisma about him and when I was talking with him all I could think was that it was like talking to Slade in real life. I just thanked him for being an awesome addition to the show, talked about the season 5 finale and how stoked I was that he was back on the show and he was so thankful and appreciative.

I had both the Deathstroke Pop Vinyl’s from the Arrow collection, the unmasked version was a birthday present from my friend Lucy so I was like I’m definitely getting this one signed! Now I’ve got a few Pop’s signed but none of them look as awesome as Manu’s autograph! He literally covered the whole plastic part on the box and it looks freaking awesome. He had an orange sharpie so I didn’t even have to ask for him to sign it in that colour! What was really cool about the autograph was he even went around onto the side and on the unmasked Deathstroke he wrote “I keep my promises”, which is a classic line of his from the show. I was buzzing after he finished signing the Pop’s and I had the biggest grin on my face. He shook my hand and then I walked away to process the experience of meeting him, hands down one of my favourite Arrow cast members that I’ve met without a doubt!

Check out my signed Deathstroke Pop Vinyl’s below, now that’s what I call an autograph:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I also had a photo op with Manu Bennett later on in the afternoon and I wanted to have my signed Pop in the photo. When it was my turn I shook his hand and he greeted me by saying “good to see you again brother”, then he held my Pop for the photo and it was so cool he did that! Once I collected my photo I wanted to get it signed by him so I went back to his table again and I mentioned how attending MCM was for my birthday weekend and he even personalised my photo for me. This literally made my day and rounded off the last day brilliantly as I was hoping to get at least one of my items with a happy birthday on and Manu delivered that.

Check out my photo op with Manu Bennett, which he signed for me:

Me and Manu Bennett

I also got to attend one of Manu’s panels he did over the weekend and it was really interesting. One of the things I love about conventions is when the guests have a panel in which fans can ask questions and they just talk about their character on a show/film and I just find it really interesting and inciteful. It was cool to hear Manu talk about Slade Wilson when we saw him at the end of season 5 of Arrow and now going into season 6, he was saying how there would be two episodes focused on Slade finding his son and this was something I was eagerly anticipating! The way he talked about how the writers went about this story for Slade and Oliver really got me stoked to see what the show would have to offer for Slade moving forward trying to find his son Joe. It was only a short panel but I’m glad I attended it as was just cool to hear how he approached the role this time and how it differed from when we last saw Slade.

Check out some photo’s from Manu Bennett’s panel below:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

There was also a massive Justice League presence at MCM as well, with the film due for release on the 17th November there were banners displayed everywhere for the upcoming DC movie. It was cool to see that DC also had a part to play at the convention as Justice League is definitely one of the most anticipated movies of 2017. It was cool to see the Batmobile on display there as well, which is the one Ben Affleck’s Batman uses in the movie. I think it was slightly different in design to the one used in Batman vs Superman, but it was a pretty awesome spectacle to see up close.

Check out some of the photos of the Justice League featured at MCM London Comic Con:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Overall I had a really great time at MCM London Comic Con and think this was probably my favourite time attending this convention. I just felt that it was better organised than previous years, the organisers made great use of both halls to balance out stands to buy merchandise and then having the movie props and guest attractions set out. I felt a lot more relaxed this time around and thought that the organisation for the photo op areas, autograph signings and the panel stages were a massive improvement from the last time I attended the show.

I made some great memories over the weekend meeting the likes of Anthony Mackie and Manu Bennett, as well as seeing some pretty cool things from both Marvel and DC movies. I hope that in future MCM will have more attractions like costume and prop displays as I felt it added something new and exciting to the show, which I haven’t seen in previous years. Just writing about the weekend helps me relive and the guests I met really stood out for me this time around. I think it’s safe to say that both Anthony Mackie and Manu Bennett are on my list of favourite guests just because the experience I had with both was priceless and really made for stand out moments for me across the three day event. I think having both Marvel and DC at the show catered to comic book fans a lot, whereas previous years this show was more about the anime and manga side of entertainment.

MCM London Comic Con October 2017 was a massive improvement from previous years and I look forward to seeing what the organisers do for future events.









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