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“Crisis on Earth X” Part 1 – Supergirl Review

It’s finally arrived! The two night epic crossover event “Crisis on Earth X” aired this week and it was so worth the wait!

I’m going to be reviewing each episode within the crossover for all four shows, starting with the Supergirl episode which was Part 1. So I’m just going to jump straight into it!

This year the crossover takes place over two nights with the first night airing Supergirl and then Arrow making up the first half, with the second half the next night with The Flash and concluding on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. This is the big crossover event of the year for the Arrowverse with “Crisis on Earth X” being a total of four hours altogether and really involves all four show’s this year. Last year we saw our heroes take on the Dominators in “Invasion” and this year they are going up against Nazi’s?!


The one thing I love about this crossovers is seeing characters interact each other from the other shows that necessarily wouldn’t be able to. Leading into the crossover we didn’t know much other than the fact that our heroes would be battling Nazi’s will evil versions of Green Arrow, Supergirl and The Flash, or as they’re known as Dark Arrow, Overgirl and Reverse Flash. The last trailer we saw before the crossover showed us that it was going to be an all our war between the heroes of Earth 1 and the villains and Nazi’s of Earth X! I was very much looking forward to seeing Stephen Amell, Melissa Benoist and Tom Cavanagh playing evil versions of their characters, as this is something I’ve always been interested in seeing on the shows. One of the characters that I knew we’d be seeing, from promotional posters and teasers, was Prometheus and he was a fantastic character from season 5 of Arrow so I was very much looking forward to seeing him again! The evil versions of our heroes definitely aren’t going to be a pushover and they disguised their identities with some cool looking masks as that’s a secret the writers didn’t want to give away too early in the crossover.

The main idea behind this first episode was bringing all the characters from all four shows together for Barry and Iris’s wedding, as it’s finally the day of the wedding. I thought this was a great way to start the crossover, bringing them altogether for something other than to defend the earth. Barry and Iris getting married is a big deal in terms of narrative and I enjoyed the way in which the writers developed this part of the story, making for some great interactions between all of the cast. I thought that the episode featured some brilliant character moments that made for some enjoyable scenes.

The opening scene of the episode was just amazing to watch. It show’s us a look at Earth X and the establishing shot shows us that clearly this is not the same earth our heroes are from. We get to see this pretty awesome action sequence between a hooded figure taking out civilians and what appears to be Earth X’s Guardian as well! I really enjoyed it as from the get go it didn’t waste any time in showing us a powerful new threat and the hooded figure was clearly Dark Arrow and he was brutal as shit! That whole opening scene alone got me stoked for the crossover and I was glued to the screen straight away.

The aim of the Supergirl part of the episode was bringing all the characters together for Barry and Iris’s wedding so it was cool to see how they all came together and met up again, this was Alex’s first trip to Earth 1 so that was exciting to see how she would interact with the other characters. Even though this episode was Supergirl it didn’t focus just on Kara, it was geared at all the characters getting some screen time. I liked that Part 1 focused on a few mini plotlines such as what was going on with Firestorm, Oliver and Felicity’s relationship got some moments to show how they weren’t exactly and the same page and then we got a look at Kara and Alex as they were both going through stuff back on their earth. I felt like already there was a big step up from “Invasion” in terms of how the characters from all of the shows got respective screen time, making their interactions seen more natural and fluid this time around. I thought what was quite amusing was that most of the characters seemed to be going through a lot of problems and weren’t really cheery, then we had Barry and Iris who were high in spirits so I thought that was a nice change of pace for them in terms of character development.

The episode was all about everyone meeting up and we got some nice moments at Barry and Iris’s rehearsal dinner such as Barry trying to comfort Kara who seemed to be down about the whole Mon-El situation. Then we had a nice interaction between Alex and Sara which I thought was really great and you were kinda hoping the two would hit it off, which they did literally! Then we had the interaction between Caitlin and Mick which was really funny as he had some one liners such as “didn’t I try to kill you before?” and Caitlin’s reaction was priceless. Then we had the speech from Jesse L. Martin’s Joe West about the wedding and I think he is a phenomenal actor and whenever he has a nice monologue plan it just blows you away. I didn’t even mind that the episode was building up towards the eventual beginning of the conflict between the two earth’s, as we were given a lot of great exchanges between the four teams.

Enter the day of the wedding! Before all hell broke loose on the wedding day, there was a character that did catch my interest and I think it could have been an easter egg. As Barry was composing himself for the wedding a female character approached him with a tray of drinks, which you think would be normal but she acted like she knew who Barry was and he had no idea who she was. There’s been a lot of theories surfacing the internet that she could have been Dawn Allen, Barry and Iris’s daughter from the future. This is just speculation but she did seem to have the nerdy quirks that Barry himself has and is definitely something I hope is explored on The Flash. There was even short parts of The Flash’s theme played while she was on screen, maybe hints that she could be related to our Scarlet Speedster? Either way I thought it was a cool little reference in the episode and even had Barry looking a bit perplexed, who know’s what the writers have in store after this little reference!

As it’s based around the world of superheros and comic books, let’s be honest things weren’t going to go as planned! This was the part I had been waiting for where we got to see all of our heroes in action. It started off with a lovely scene for the wedding, even with Kara singing as Iris walked down the aisle, and just like that Nazi’s crash the wedding and shit was about to go down! Barry, Oliver and Kara all shared one line of dialogue that made me laugh and was a reference from Indiana Jones “I hate Nazi’s”, thought that was a pretty cool homage! Next was an epic action sequence seeing both The Flash and Kid Flash in action stopping bullets, with Firestorm, Killer Frost and Vibe joining the fight! There was one cool part where Cisco vibed Oliver so he could face the dark archer and I thought that was pretty dope. I also liked the team up of Sara and Alex as they kicked some Nazi ass and even had to fight Prometheus! Yup, that’s right he is an addition to the villains from Earth X and you can imagine this will unnerve Oliver after what he just went through with Adrian Chase! I think the overall fight between good and evil was awesome and gave us a good old established conflict, instead of hero vs hero which we saw in “Invasion”. I thought that the Supergirl and Overgirl fight was really awesome, both of them trying to match each other in combat going above Central City with heat vision and plenty of heavy blows landed from both characters. I really liked the Oliver and Dark Arrow fight as well, as they were matched for every move and you could see that they were countering each other like it was nothing.

After the Nazi’s and the evil versions of our heroes fled, we got to see our heroes regroup at STAR Labs and having captured Prometheus as well to get some answers from. I liked this as you could see that the characters really look out for each other and they were all shocked at what had just occurred. The episode then switched to Dark Arrow, Overgirl and the Reverse Flash reconvening on a rooftop over the events that went down in the church. It was so cool seeing Tom Cavanagh reprising the role of Eobard Thawne as I still think he is the greatest Flash villain in the show as he’s the one villain that Barry has never been able to beat. I also really enjoyed both Stephen Amell and Melissa Benoist portrayed evil versions of their character’s as it was a side of Oliver and Kara that we’ve never seen before. I look forward to seeing how these relationship’s develop going into the next episode of the crossover.

Overall, the first part of “Crisis on Earth X” was a solid start to the crossover event and I have a feeling it’s going to top “Invasion”. I think that the writers took their time to establish the characters all meeting up with the final part being an epic action sequence showing the teams working together to defend each other. By the end of the episode we get the feeling that our heroes have a new threat on their hands and will need to understand exactly what it is they are facing. I thought that the episode did a solid job of giving us some great character interaction, with some great use of banter with them all and our fair share of drama by time the Nazi’s invade earth, resulting in what could only be described as an epic battle of good vs evil! What a way to start of the crossover!

I can’t wait to watch the second part of the crossover, which will be Arrow’s episode in the crossover next!







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