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Spiderman – Into the Spider Verse Official Teaser Trailer

My Spider Sense is tingling!

I have been very much looking forward to seeing what the upcoming animated Spiderman movie from Sony Pictures was going to look like and we’ve been given out first teaser trailer, which looks freaking awesome as shit!

For anyone that hasn’t heard of this project before, it’s an upcoming animated feature produced by Phil Lord and Christopher Miller and directed by Bob Persichetti, Peter Ramsey and Rodney Rothman. The movie itself is going to be our first look in the shoes of Miles Morales who is one of the newest Spidermen in the Marvel Universe, who is a teenager from Brooklyn. The premise behind the film is to show Miles balancing his life as a high school student as well as being a superhero, similar to what Peter Parker did when he first became the web slinger. Miles Morales is from the Ultimate universe of Marvel and first appeared back in 2011 in the comics I believe.

This weekend we were given our first look at the upcoming animated feature and I gotta say it looks freaking awesome! The art style for the project looks incredible and is definitely the first of it’s kind to use this artistic direction. The visuals just look amazing and at some points it look’s like real life action combined with animated techniques, which gives it a very unique and stylistic feel. The concept of this movie is to show a bigger look at the Spiderman universe and that there are “more than one that can wear the mask.” I’m a massive Spiderman fan, have been for as long as I could remember and Spidey was always the superhero you could relate to as above all else he was a teenager, trying to come to grips with these new found ablilites. It was the idea that being a superhero isn’t as easy when it comes to balancing your normal life and I think this is something they will explore through Miles in this movie.

The trailer is just under a minute and a half but it gives us a look at Miles in action as Spiderman and the animation just looks brilliant. In the trailer there is one scene where we see Miles looking over a grave that reads Peter Parker, so clearly something happened to him and that’s why Miles has stepped up as the new web slinger. There is also a cool bit at the end where Miles is having a conversation with another Spiderman, which gives him the hint that there are more than one version of Spiderman.

I think the idea with the film as well is to feature multiple versions of Spiderman so we could see the likes of Spiderman 2099, Noire Spiderman, Scarlet Spider, Spider-Gwen just to name a few. These aren’t confirmed but these would be the ones I would love to see appear as I thought the Spider-Verse comic was brilliant and having all these interact during the film would be awesome!

Overall I was very impressed with the trailer and it definitely has got me interested to see this movie. I think the design of Miles Morales looks really unique and the Spiderman suit looks awesome as hell and simple things like the eyes on the mask look so dope! I will be keeping my eye on this project with any developments and even though the film won’t be released for a whole year, I very much look forward to seeing what will be in store for this movie. The soundtrack in the trailer works so well with the footage we see, not sure who it’s by but it fits the tone so well. I mean I’m actually surprised this is coming from Sony and it actually looks really good and they’ve not had a great track record with the Spiderman franchise, so this does look very promising indeed!

Spiderman – Into the Spider Verse hits cinemas on 14th December 2018!

Check out the awesome trailer below:




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