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“Crisis on Earth X” Part 2 – Arrow Review

One episode down, 3 more to go!

The second episode of “Crisis on Earth X” with Arrow brings us to the halfway point of the crossover event, and I personally think it’s safe to say this may top last year’s “Invasion!” With the first episode it was established that our heroes are dealing with Nazi’s from a 53rd earth they were unaware of and this is not a fight that is going to be easy. This is going to be a fight not just to defend their homes, but also to protect the entire world and multi-verse from falling under the control of the Nazi’s and the Fuhrer!


So the second episode pick’s up with Arrow and starts right where the first episode ending, with our heroes crowded around the pipeline trying to get some answers out of Prometheus from Earth X. From the start we don’t waste any time in finding out that Prometheus is actually Tommy Merlyn from Earth X, which I thought really packed an emotional punch for Oliver to see his best friend alive. I really liked seeing Colin Donnell back on the show and he was just fantastic in this scene. It really was such a cool twist and I think it added depth to the story for sure. From what we know so far, on Earth X our heroes  counter parts on Earth X are villainous and I thought this was a really great reveal. I was surprised it wasn’t Josh Segarra reprising the role of Adrian Chase but I think having Tommy as Prometheus definitely added that extra emotional impact to the scene and to Oliver. I thought that the conversation between Oliver and Tommy was brilliant and was one of my personal favourite moments of this season, as it was cool to see the two characters talking and saying things that they didn’t get to when Tommy died back in season one. I thought that Stephen Amell and Colin Donnell were amazing in this scene and you could feel that they brought their dramatic A game for this scene and the payoff was worth it.

There was a moment in this episode where Green Arrow, The Flash and Supergirl teamed up to take on their evil counter parts and it made for such a brilliant action scene, seeing them fight themselves and made for a some damn good tv! There was a little gag between the three when The Flash and Supergirl arrived on the scene fast and Green Arrow turned up moments later, with him saying “super speed…I don’t have it” for some reason I found that really funny and thought it was cool that the writers added that in there.

In this episode we got to see probably one of the best choreographed fight scenes in all of the show’s history personally. When Green Arrow led a small team consisting of The Flash, Supergirl, White Canary, Firestorm and Alex into a warehouse to try and get the jump on Dark Arrow, Overgirl and Reverse Flash, It was such an action packed scene showing the heroes fighting side by side, kicking some Nazi ass and trying to put a dent in the evil versions plans. Each character got their moment to shine in this scene and every one of them got their own screen time which I thought was really cool. We see things start to go bad during the warehouse scene, with Reverse Flash and Overgirl overpowering our heroes…it also appeared that Dark Arrow was on missing and on his way to STAR Labs with his own agenda. By time we get to the end of the episode things aren’t looking to hot for our heroes as they end up getting captured by the Nazi’s and they end up being transported to Earth X!

I really enjoyed seeing more interaction between the Earth X’ers in this episode as we got to see a more closer look at the relationship between Dark Arrow and Overgirl, who appeared to be an item on Earth X! It seems that they have their own purpose for beaming across to a different dimension which I shall not reveal as it is quite an important story detail. I really enjoyed Stephen Amell and Melissa Benoist playing darker versions of their character’s and was cool to see them interact as we wouldn’t normally get that on an episode of Arrow or Supergirl, which I think is one of the great things about these crossovers! With the brilliant chemistry have on the episode, it’s kinda making me want to see an Arrow and Supergirl crossover, like we got with The Flash on season one and season 3 of Arrow, as I think that would be really awesome to see them work together beaming across to each other’s earth’s.

I really enjoyed seeing Tom Cavanagh in the role of Eobard Thawne/ Reverse Flash once again, as it adds more of an emotional weight for Barry in the crossover as we know he was been tormented by the Reverse Flash since season one. I thought that it was more meaningful and personal to his character going into the crossover as well. I thought it made for some great scenes between The Flash and the Reverse Flash as Barry feels like he is the one villain he can’t seem to defeat/ escape from. For me personally, the Reverse Flash story is one of my favourite parts of The Flash so to see the two exchange blows yet again made for some brilliant screen time. I did wonder why the Reverse Flash wasn’t the evil version of Barry, but I guess we did already see that last season with Savitar so maybe the writers had that in mind when thinking of the character. I mean could it be that perhaps Barry Allen on Earth X could be the Fuhrer? That would make for a really interesting idea and seeing Grant Gustin act in that role would be pretty dope.

Like I mentioned earlier, the warehouse scene as pretty freaking awesome and was one of my favourite parts in this episode of the crossover. Just to see Green Arrow, The Flash, Team Supergirl and some of Team Legends fight alongside each other was so cool as we wouldn’t get to see this interaction normally. Man I love these crossovers! We got to see each of the character’s having their stand out moments in the fight. One of my favourite moments was seeing Green Arrow going ham on the Nazi’s trying to take him down, as he went full on ass kicking mode and bodies were flying everywhere. Meanwhile, we then had Dark Arrow storming STAR Labs and that was also a pretty awesome sequence as he tried to take down the remaining characters to take control of STAR Labs. It was cool seeing the rest of Team Arrow, Killer Frost, Vibe and Heatwave teaming up against the Dark Arrow. Both action pieces had James Bamford’s stamp over them and proves that he really knows his stuff since being involved with these shows.

The episode did have some really great moments between certain characters such as when Oliver fired a Kyrptonite arrow against Overgirl, which was seriously bad ass and proved that he is resourceful and won’t take any chances at this stage. It felt like a little homage to Batman when he used Kyrptonite infused weapons and armour against the Man of Steel!

By the end of the episode, our heroes are up shit creak without a padal as they end up being captured by the Earth X-ers with power dampening collars around their neck cutting off their means of escape. It is then revealed that Overgirl needs Supergirl’s heart as she is dying so that added a sense of danger for the Girl of Steel and our heroes. I think that having our heroes captured at the end of this episode, the next part will feel like we’re going to jump head first into the meaty part of the crossover. It seems that numbers aren’t in their favour and this will raise the danger threat, so who knows what will happen in Part 3 of the crossover?! I have really enjoyed these first two episodes of the crossover and now that we are at the halfway point, I actually cannot wait to see what will be in store for our heroes going into The Flash part of the crossover!

Overall, I thought that Arrow’s part of the crossover was just brilliant giving us one of the best action sequences we have seen this season so far! I thought that the story progressed nicely and we got to see some brilliant character moments and interactions. We get a feeling that the stakes are high in this one, which means every single character from each show will need to pull everything they have together to save the multi-verse. I really enjoyed a more closer look at the Earth X-ers and more of a focus on Dark Arrow, Reverse Flash and Overgirl. Just these two episodes alone, for me personally, have already topped the “Invasion” crossover from last year and I cannot contain my excitement for Part 3!




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