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Black Lightning “Resurrection” Trailer

As we know, we will be getting a new DC superhero TV series next year in the form of Black Lightning!

I did a post about the show a few months back showing the announcement trailer which gave us a good look into the style and approach the creators have gone for, bringing this awesome character onto our TV screens. The character of Black Lightning is well known amongst DC fans and I think that the show looks awesome.

We have been given a new trailer this week, called “Resurrection” and it shows us the return of Black Lightning. The idea of the show is that Jefferson Pearce retired the mantle of Black Lightning and tried to help the community he lives in as a high school principle. It seems there are forces growing that are endangering his home and he feels that Black Lightning needs to return and protect the innocent.

I’ve included the trailer below, definitely check it out as I think this show looks awesome and will be a fine addition to the DC slate!


Black Lightning will air on The CW on 16th January 2018, no UK date has been confirmed as of yet.


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