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“Crisis on Earth X” Part 3 – The Flash Review

Here we go, Part 3 of the “Crisis on Earth X” crossover event!

The third part of the crossover sees our heroes slap bang in the middle of Earth X, surrounded by Nazi soldiers. I think that this was probably the strongest episode in the crossover and the conflict between Earth’s heroes and the Earth X’ers got a lot darker and had some solid moments for me throughout the episode.

Part 3 picks up literally where the Arrow episode ended off, with our heroes being help prisoner in what seems like one of a number of concentration camps. The episode wastes no time in showing us just how dark and different Earth X is compared to where our heroes are from. From the get go we get a real feel for how evil this 53rd earth is and that the masters of this world are shown in their true colours. What was cool with this episode is that we got to see some new characters introduced which changed the dynamic as well.


We got to see the Earth X version of Quentin Lance, Winn who is actually known as General Schott, The Ray (played by Russell Tovey) and Leonard Snart’s Earth X doppelganger going by the name of Citizen Cold. I personally thought that all three of these characters brought something new and different to the crossover and just fit right into the story. I thought that Paul Blackthorne was just brilliant as the evil version of Lance, who had a slight sadistic and arrogance about him. I liked the new addition of The Ray, known as Ray Terrill, as his character seemed to fit right in and thought he interacted really well with Oliver, Barry and the other characters that were trapped on Earth X. It was also pretty cool, that was the worst pun ever I apologise, seeing a different version to Leonard Snart who is completely different from the guy that used to go head to head with The Flash. I liked the Earth X version of Winn in this episode as I thought it was pretty rad to see a more confident and head strong version of the character, who was driven on destroying the Earth X’ers and thought his scenes with Alex were really great.

On Earth X it was a race against the clock for Oliver, Barry and the others trying to get back to their Earth to try and stop Dark Arrow, Overgirl and Reverse Flash from taking over their world. We got to see our heroes teaming up with Winn’s resistance squad trying to form a plan in which they could get back home and make a huge dent into the Nazi army. One of my favourite moments was when they were all stood around the base trying to form a plan to work together and the moments with Oliver, Barry, Alex and Winn were really great. Meanwhile back on their Earth, Iris and Felicity were trying to stay out of the reach of Evil Oliver back at STAR Labs with the hope that the Legends would turn up to aid in the fight against the Nazi supervillains. There was some great moments between the two characters as they tried to hide and remain undetected with hopes that the team would return back before Dark Arrow found them.

With all this going on, the writers made time in the episode to focus on the smaller plot-line of the Firestorm narrative which was unfolding really nicely. I have loved the character of Firestorm on Legends and think that the relationship between Stein and Jax has given us some golden moments in the show. I think that’s why the crossover was a bitter sweet moment for me as Victor Garber is leaving Legends to focus on other projects, so I was worried how he would be written off the show. *cries in the corner* There is a big action sequence in the episode where the characters are trying to get back to their Earth, using a teleport pad in the Nazi stronghold and it’s a pretty awesome scene and one of the stand out moments in the crossover. During the action, Stein makes a selfless decision to try and help the team out and turn on the transporter device and in the process is hit by gunfire from the Nazi soldiers. I actually sat with my hands on my head after this bit as I was shocked that fact that it may be over for Stein! Just seeing Jax’s reaction made it so much worse especially after Stein had opened up to him saying that he was like a son to him and that hit hard after this dramatic scene. I think this made the cliffhanger that much harder to bear. I think this is going to be a major part of the story going into Part 4 of the crossover and I’m kinda scared shitless at what could happen to our favourite professor!

As I mentioned earlier, Part 3 had some of the most awesome superhero battle sequences in this episode and was one of the strongest moments during the crossover. I thought that the scene in the Earth X lair was so dope and literally all hell broke loose and got some awesome moments from each character. I mean shit, even Red Tornado turned up!! I couldn’t pick a favourite moment in this sequence but I thought it was what the second part of the crossover needed, some awesome superhero action and man that’s exactly what we got! There was so much tension in this scene and it did seem like our heroes were getting pinned down, we had that brave play from Stein which has left fans gutted at the possible outcome that could be coming in Part 4!


Okay so to summarise, I think that Part 3 of “Crisis on Earth X” kick started a strong start to the second half of the crossover and it upped the stakes both in the drama and the action for the characters. We were given a good look at the dangers of Earth X and our heroes have a direct end game and know what they are now fighting for. The episode did a great job in integrating the new characters into the episode and they all played a solid part in the fight. I had a feeling that The Flash part of the crossover was going to feature some heavy action and big plot development and it lived up to my expectations and was super pleased with what I had seen in the episode. I thought that the superhero showdown against the Nazi’s was just awesome and it has given us such a dramatic cliffhanger going into the final part of the crossover. All I’ll say is that the final part in Legends of Tomorrow is going to be an amazing end to what has been a fantastic crossover event this year!

Stay tuned for my Part 4 review coming next!





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