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“Crisis on Earth X” Part 4 – DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Review

Here we are, at the fourth and final part of the “Crisis on Earth X” crossover event!

The final part of the crossover concluded on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow and it was a fitting ending to this well crafted story seeing our heroes take on their Nazi counterparts of Earth X. I’m just going to get straight into the final part and review the conclusion to what has been my favourite crossover the shows have done to date.


I think that the crossover this year has brought everything from the brilliant action sequences, great character interaction and plenty of emotional weight through the four episodes. I think what I’ve liked a lot about the event this year is the fact that I had no clue what was going to happen and everything that has occurred so far caught me by a complete surprise, so as a viewer it’s something new and fresh to witness. I do think that we’ve got to experience some of the finest moments in the Arrowverse over these four episodes and was just brilliant to experience as a fan. I thought that after the last episode on The Flash, we got to see just how different Earth X is and how the characters on that earth differ from the ones we know from Earth 1 and Earth 38 (Supergirl). One thing for sure is that its given us some damn good character development.

As we learned from the last episode, things weren’t looking good for Victor Garber’s Martin Stein, having been a target practice for the Nazi soldiers. This was the big sendoff for Garber’s character as we know that he would be leaving Legends altogether to pursue other projects so it was a bittersweet moment. I was hoping that they would have written Stein out of the show so he could enjoy his happy retirement with his family, but this is the world of comic book shows so it was never going to be that easy for the professor. I got to be honest, this was one of the character death’s that had such a heavy emotional weight to it that it did choke me up nearly…..damn writers!

I value that the writers decided to give Stein a heroic death rather than just writing him out so he gets benched on the sidelines and is only called upon now and again, but I think what they did in the episode made for some brilliant emotional exchanges especially between Jax and Stein. I thought that the final scene between the two was amazing and it really connected on a personal level. As we know the two have been like a father/son superhero unit and they have formed a strong bond since Jax became the new Firestorm so I think this added to what unfolded in their final moment together. I think that the impact of Stein’s passing will have some weight on Jax’s shoulders and he will struggle moving into the next episode for sure. The funeral scene in particular was a touching moment as all the characters gathered together to pay respects to Stein and even Jax’s speech hit home and had such an emotional impact. I think it’s safe to say that Victor Garber will be missed on Legends but his character did act like a bridge between all of the Arrowverse shows and the character of Firestorm will definitely be missed.

The final showdown between our heroes and the Earth X’ers was pretty awesome I won’t lie! We saw in the trailer for the crossover characters from all four shows lining up together to defend their earth from the Nazi invaders, led by Green Arrow, The Flash and White Canary it was the Arrowverse version of the “money shot” and it looked awesome as shit. The final showdown showed us some really awesome moments of superhero action and maybe it was the fanboy in me, but there was just something so cool about seeing all four teams of heroes fighting alongside each other and for me this was the moment I was waiting for all throughout the crossover. It was awesome seeing Green Arrow fighting against Dark Arrow, The Flash going up against Reverse Flash and Supergirl taking on Overgirl as you just got a sense of excitement seeing the six characters slugging it out. This was the battle of all battles to defend Central City from the Earth X’ers!

I couldn’t really pick a favourite moment as there were so many in this episode! One of the stand out ones was Killer Frost doing an Iceman slide which was so dope and thought that was cool to see (no pun intended). Actually scratch that, probably the rematch of The Flash and Reverse Flash was a standout for me as he was always been my favourite villain from The Flash, just due to how much of an emotional impact he has had on Barry’s character and the trauma he caused the Scarlet Speedster.

I think that Tom Cavanagh is literally “a man of many faces” and whether he’s playing Harrison Wells or Eobard Thawne he always brings his A game which is what he did in the crossover. It was really great seeing him and Barry going at it yet again as it always makes for entertaining exchanges and action. As we know Barry isn’t one to kill his enemies, even though Thawne definitely asked for it, so by the end of the battle he ends up letting the Reverse Flash run free. I mean it’s crazy Barry did this as I have a feeling that this could be setting up a possible future storyline in the shows and would love to see the Reverse Flash pop up again later on down the line.

After the climatic battle in which saw our heroes taking down the Earth X’ers, with Overgirl exploding from the radiation exposure and Green Arrow putting an arrow in Dark Arrow after an epic fight, the threat had been neautrilised and once again our heroes had saved the earth. The final moments of the episode helped to wrap up little mini story arcs we had during the crossover including Barry and Iris finally being able to get married! It was a lovely scene as even Oliver and Felicity even ended up tying the knot, with Diggle overseeing the small ceremony and marrying the two couples. I was glad we got to see some of Diggle in the crossover as we hadn’t seen him up until now, so was cool he got his moment in this episode. Thinking about it, we experienced a lot in this year’s crossover with two weddings, the passing of Stein and a lot of our characters changing due to the events in the fight about the Earth X’ers. I think that the overall effect of “Crisis on Earth X” will impact the Arrowverse going into the rest of each show’s season.

Phew! That was a lot to write about!!

Overall, I thought that the whole “Crisis on Earth X” crossover event was just brilliant and think that it definitely topped last year’s “Invasion!” Part 4 rounded of the battle between the Earth X’ers in such a great way with some epic action sequences and rounding off some of the smaller narratives between the characters really well. I think that the effect of Professor Stein’s sacrifice was a driving force in this episode and will definitely carry some emotional weight moving forward, especially for DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. This episode in particular definitely went to some sad places but I think that it ended on a happier and uplifting note showing us why these crossovers are so brilliant. I think the writers really outdid themselves with “Crisis on Earth X” this year and every single person involved in the creation of this story deserves a pat on the back, as for me it was the biggest TV event of the year and man did it deliver the goods!!

Maybe next year we could see Black Lightning join the fight too!



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