Hey there! I’m Ben or known as Benji to all my close friends. Welcome to my online world. In the past I have run a review website with friends and wanted to try my own blog. I’m a huge nerd and love all things comic book/ superhero related as well as music, games, movies, books and love a bit of adventure! I’ve always wanted to be a journalist so I thought I’d give running my own blog a try.

I know I’ll get asked “How did you come up with the name SomeShortGuy89?” Well first of all, 1989 is the year I was born, I know shocking! In terms of SomeShortGuy? I honestly have no idea where it came from, I’m a short dude so that’s one half but its my gamer-tag on PSN and I kind of stuck with it, then it became my YouTube Channel’s name and the rest is history.

I love writing and used to do it on a daily basis when I worked on the Level Infinity website with friends and something that has always interested me. I enjoy reading different forms of writing whether that be reviews, books, articles….basically anything with words that I find interesting. I’ve always had a passion for it but have always struggled to break into that career, so thought I’d try managing my own writing and see where it can go.

I’m 27 years old, getting on a bit I know, I’m a YouTuber as well as an illustrator and wanted to try my hand at blogging. You’ve managed to stumble across my blog, I am sorry about that prepare for nerd overload, which will cover a few different areas of things I am passionate about. I guess I didn’t want to limit myself to one or two areas as there is a lot to my personality and wanted to share this with you guys. You will find loads of geek knowledge, gaming chat as well as things about my own life and the experiences I’ve had the pleasure of picking up within my lifetime.

I’m not a stranger to blogs so I am aware that a good blog has a niche or a certain area they focus on, but my blog is going to cover a lot of things as it reflects my personality I like a lot of things! I think this is a good thing as there’s so many things I want to blog about and I’ll write about anything I think is worth sharing.

Now the million dollar question, who is SomeShortGuy89 Online for? It’s going to be for geeks, gamers, people who like adventure, music fans and people who are avid thinkers. It will be for people who love a good old blog, I mean who doesn’t love a blog in the digital age?! This will be an honest platform from a guy who is just like you who is down to earth.

I am also into reviewing products such as collector’s edition of games, comics and even TV shows so if there is anything you want me to review or take a look at, drop me a line and I’ll look into it.

I look forward to getting this ball rolling and sharing my world with all you guys, this will be a lot of fun!

You will also be able to find me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube so I’ll be on there if anyone feels like saying hi!