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Spiderman – Into the Spider Verse Official Teaser Trailer

My Spider Sense is tingling!

I have been very much looking forward to seeing what the upcoming animated Spiderman movie from Sony Pictures was going to look like and we’ve been given out first teaser trailer, which looks freaking awesome as shit!

For anyone that hasn’t heard of this project before, it’s an upcoming animated feature produced by Phil Lord and Christopher Miller and directed by Bob Persichetti, Peter Ramsey and Rodney Rothman. The movie itself is going to be our first look in the shoes of Miles Morales who is one of the newest Spidermen in the Marvel Universe, who is a teenager from Brooklyn. The premise behind the film is to show Miles balancing his life as a high school student as well as being a superhero, similar to what Peter Parker did when he first became the web slinger. Miles Morales is from the Ultimate universe of Marvel and first appeared back in 2011 in the comics I believe.

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Marvel’s The Defenders – Official Final Trailer

The Defenders.jpg

Holy shit, the time is almost upon us!

Since San Diego Comic Con 2017, we have been getting a lot of activity surrounding Netflix’s upcoming Marvel project “The Defenders”, which is something I have been so stoked for and can’t wait to see this show! The idea of seeing Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist all on screen together, as a fan, is going to be something pretty epic and awesome. Ever since I knew that Netflix would be making a series of Marvel shows, straight away I was thinking that The Defenders must be on the table and I’m so glad this is what they’ve been working towards!

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London Film and Comic Con 2017 – Day 2 Coverage: Saturday


Okay here we go, here’s my coverage of London Film and Comic Con 2017 day 2! The first day was pretty epic and I was already buzzing from how brilliant the Friday went, so to say I was pumped for the Saturday would be an understatement!

So let’s jump straight into it shall we?


I already knew my way around the convention having spent all day there on Friday but when I got to the guest floor to get my VQ tickets, it appeared that some of the guests had moved around to may room for the weekend appearances and that completely threw my shit out of whack! Luckily the bigger guests were all in the same place so I managed to find my bearings pretty quick and then I decided to tackle my first autograph signing of the day.

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London Film and Comic Con 2017 – Day 1 coverage: Friday


So it’s been a week now since London Film and Comic Con 2017 and I’m still recovering from the weekend, as it was packed full for me! Had such an amazing time at the con meeting some really epic guests and just had an all around great time across the three day weekend. Essentially this post is going to be a round up of some of my personal favourite moments from the weekend, including meeting guests, talks I attended and the photo ops that I went to. I’m going to be doing coverage of all three days otherwise this will turn into a dissertation just for Comic Con! So first up I’m going to start with my favourite moments from Friday.

Without further ado let’s get to it shall we?

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London Film and Comic Con 2017 – Preparation is Key!


Here I am again, finding myself getting ready for another awesome weekend of nerdy greatness! It’s that time of year where London Film and Comic Con 2017 is coming to Olympia for it’s summer show.

This is probably my fourth time attending this convention but it’s the first time that I am properly going all out to meet guests and get photo ops with them, will be top Heroes and Villains Fan Fest? That would be a tough question to answer as I had the time of my life at Heroes and Villains so I’m hoping I enjoy myself at LFCC this year. The event, run by Showmasters, is a convention that is dedicated to film, TV shows and comics as the name of the event entitles. Besides Heroes and Villains, this is the convention I prefer over the likes of MCM as I am more into my film, TV shows and comic books so it’s the perfect event for me as a fan.

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San Diego Comic Con 2017 – Arrowverse New Season Trailer Reveals


It’s that time of year again folks…..San Diego Comic Con 2017 is finally upon us!

This is the time of year that is the best time to be a comic book/movie/tv/gaming fan as we get the big reveals for upcoming projects coming out within the next year. I’ve always wanted to attend San Diego but sadly another year has arrived and I find myself watching the coverage from a computer screen, nevertheless I still geek out to all the awesomeness that has been coming out of Comic Con this year! The part I always look forward to is the big reveals for the CW shows, to be more precise the Arrowverse shows in particular. If you didn’t know I am a huge fan of Arrow, The Flash, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl so I was really looking forward to tuning into the panels at San Diego, to see all the stars, producers and writers of the shows give some juicy details for the upcoming new seasons.

So in this post I’m just briefly going to talk about the trailers and what we can expect to see when the shows return in October!

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Spiderman: Homecoming Review


Tom Holland’s first solo outing as Spiderman is truly brilliant!

How’s the saying go? Third time the charm? Marvel finally deliver a true interpretation of Spiderman and capture the essence of the wall-crawler.

Spiderman: Homecoming is the first solo movie for Tom Holland’s web-slinger since the events of last year’s Captain America: Civil War. This movie is the combined efforts of Marvel Studios in conjunction with Sony Pictures. For me I am a massive Spiderman fan and I really hoped this movie was going to be the Spiderman film I’ve always wanted and man did it live up to that expectation! I was so impressed with Tom Holland’s performance and impact in Civil War that when they announced he was getting his own solo Spidey movie, I was so stoked to see what Marvel came up with.

In short, we have got an action packed, funny, story driven, witty and a true portrayal of what Spiderman is about and what his character stands for. I think setting this version of Peter Parker in his high school years was a great move by Marvel as some of my favourite stories of Spiderman were in his younger years, before he went on to fight alongside the ranks of The Avengers, and these are some of the iconic storylines from the web-slinger and I think the end result really delivered.

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DC Universe Rebirth: Batman Beyond Volume 1: Escaping the Grave Review


Here we go, my first book review…….well kind of!!

For those of you who don’t read comics, DC comics relaunched their comic series with the DC Universe: Rebirth. This is where it gets confusing, even for me who is a veteran when it comes to reading and understanding comic books. Rebirth is not a reboot as people previously thought, instead it is a continuation of the New 52 which launched back in 2011 which was a reboot of all the character’s individual comic series. So all the things that happened in New 52 is cannon and still happened. To sum up, DC Rebirth launches from the way the New 52 came to an end and it feels like the DC universe is in a version similar to the events of Flashpoint which is pretty cool. It does include continuity from the New 52 but these are stories that haven’t been told for and I think it was a way for the smaller titles to attract more attention.

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The Walking Dead: A Telltale Game Series – A New Frontier Episode 3: Above The Law Review


A New Frontier Episode 3: Above The Law Review

Hey again you zombie survivors!

So I’m now at the midway point of The Walking Dead: A New Frontier with episode 3!

The third episode continues with the strong theme of family that begun in the first two episodes of the season, following the journey of our main character Javi. I must say that I am enjoying his character and enjoying learning more about his past as it’s helping me to understand how he is shaped as a character.

Like with how Clementine’s character has been well established as our main protagonist in the first two seasons, I feel that A New Frontier is continuing to do the same with Javi presenting us with different ways of creating a very likable and relatable character in this third season. “Above the Law” begins with a flashback of when Javi first hit the road with Kate and the kids during the beginning of the outbreak. One thing I will say is that the flashbacks do serve an important purpose as it shows us how Javi had to step up in protecting his brother’s family, as I feel it’s really vital to the events occurring in the present day plot. In the flashback scenes there doesn’t appear to be as much action but the one thing I am a massive fan of is character building moments, which is something the flashbacks do very well in this game. For me personally, I do feel that this hold great importance in the bigger scale of things during the game and have an impact on the characters, as well as on us as the player.

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The Walking Dead: A Telltale Game Series – A New Frontier Episode 2: Ties That Bind Part 2 Review


A New Frontier Episode 2: Ties That Bind Part 2

Welcome back survivors!

I’m carrying on with my review of The Walking Dead: A Telltale Game Series – A New Frontier with episode 2 titled Ties That Bind Part 2, so I’m gonna jump straight into it.

The second episode in A New Frontier picks up pretty much where part 1 of Ties That Bind ended, picking up the pace that was set in the season opener. I did feel like this episode was closely more linked to what I love about The Walking Dead and does a solid job of solidifying the brilliant story plots that Telltale have formulated in their games since the first game. It does a great job of building on the foundation set in the season premiere and also what occurred in the first two seasons of The Walking Dead, one thing for sure is that the ending of this two part episode has really set the scene and is setting up what could be an amazing season for the game. More so than ever with these games, I do feel like the choices I will make throughout the story really will matter and I will have to tread carefully as the plot develops. As a gamer, I like to think strategically and in these games I think my choices will be more important than the previous two games.

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