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Spiderman – Into the Spider Verse Official Teaser Trailer

My Spider Sense is tingling!

I have been very much looking forward to seeing what the upcoming animated Spiderman movie from Sony Pictures was going to look like and we’ve been given out first teaser trailer, which looks freaking awesome as shit!

For anyone that hasn’t heard of this project before, it’s an upcoming animated feature produced by Phil Lord and Christopher Miller and directed by Bob Persichetti, Peter Ramsey and Rodney Rothman. The movie itself is going to be our first look in the shoes of Miles Morales who is one of the newest Spidermen in the Marvel Universe, who is a teenager from Brooklyn. The premise behind the film is to show Miles balancing his life as a high school student as well as being a superhero, similar to what Peter Parker did when he first became the web slinger. Miles Morales is from the Ultimate universe of Marvel and first appeared back in 2011 in the comics I believe.

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Justice League Review

DC’s answer to The Avengers has finally arrived!!

As we’re all aware, the DCEU movie universe has been subject to a lot of hate and negative criticism over the past year. I can’t say I disagree with the reception it has received as there are some things that Warner Bros. has got wrong when trying to build the DC film universe, but I think with the massive success of Wonder Woman I was going into Justice League with an open mind. I REALLY REALLY wanted this movie to be good as I am such a huge DC fan and I did not want it to be a let down and prove all the “critics” right.


So without further ado I’m just going to jump straight into this review of Justice League, as I have a lot to talk about in regards to the movie. If you’re a comic book fan then you should know that the Justice League is formed of earth’s strongest heroes from all different branches of the DC Universe. The League in the comic books consists of Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman, The Flash, Aquaman, Cyborg and Green Lantern. Obviously due to not having a plan for Green Lantern, he was absence in the movie and with Superman being dead, after the events of Dawn of Justice, the film focuses around the remaining five heroes.

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London Film and Comic Con 2017 – Day 3 Coverage: Sunday


I’m on the home stretch now!

Here’s my coverage of the third and final day of London Film and Comic Con 2017, as I sit here I’m reliving the memories of the show and thinking just how lucky and fortunate I was to have such an incredible experience meeting these guests!

Well here we go, my coverage of the final day of LFCC 2017!


After having two pretty epic days at this convention, I had now sadly came to the third and final day. At this stage I was feeling pretty exhausted from the busy two days, combining the lack of food and sleep I felt like I was on my last legs! Nonetheless I was looking forward to meeting the last few guests on my list and getting my last photo ops to complete the weekend. Like I did on the first two days, as soon as I got into the convention center I bombed it upstairs to the guest floor to get my VQ tickets for Michael Rosenbaum, Kevin Smith, Alyson Hannigan and Natalie Dormer. I managed to score some pretty low numbers so already I was off to a great start for the final day.

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London Film and Comic Con 2017 – Day 2 Coverage: Saturday


Okay here we go, here’s my coverage of London Film and Comic Con 2017 day 2! The first day was pretty epic and I was already buzzing from how brilliant the Friday went, so to say I was pumped for the Saturday would be an understatement!

So let’s jump straight into it shall we?


I already knew my way around the convention having spent all day there on Friday but when I got to the guest floor to get my VQ tickets, it appeared that some of the guests had moved around to may room for the weekend appearances and that completely threw my shit out of whack! Luckily the bigger guests were all in the same place so I managed to find my bearings pretty quick and then I decided to tackle my first autograph signing of the day.

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London Film and Comic Con 2017 – Day 1 coverage: Friday


So it’s been a week now since London Film and Comic Con 2017 and I’m still recovering from the weekend, as it was packed full for me! Had such an amazing time at the con meeting some really epic guests and just had an all around great time across the three day weekend. Essentially this post is going to be a round up of some of my personal favourite moments from the weekend, including meeting guests, talks I attended and the photo ops that I went to. I’m going to be doing coverage of all three days otherwise this will turn into a dissertation just for Comic Con! So first up I’m going to start with my favourite moments from Friday.

Without further ado let’s get to it shall we?

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Spiderman: Homecoming Review


Tom Holland’s first solo outing as Spiderman is truly brilliant!

How’s the saying go? Third time the charm? Marvel finally deliver a true interpretation of Spiderman and capture the essence of the wall-crawler.

Spiderman: Homecoming is the first solo movie for Tom Holland’s web-slinger since the events of last year’s Captain America: Civil War. This movie is the combined efforts of Marvel Studios in conjunction with Sony Pictures. For me I am a massive Spiderman fan and I really hoped this movie was going to be the Spiderman film I’ve always wanted and man did it live up to that expectation! I was so impressed with Tom Holland’s performance and impact in Civil War that when they announced he was getting his own solo Spidey movie, I was so stoked to see what Marvel came up with.

In short, we have got an action packed, funny, story driven, witty and a true portrayal of what Spiderman is about and what his character stands for. I think setting this version of Peter Parker in his high school years was a great move by Marvel as some of my favourite stories of Spiderman were in his younger years, before he went on to fight alongside the ranks of The Avengers, and these are some of the iconic storylines from the web-slinger and I think the end result really delivered.

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Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Review


“Showtime A-Holes!”

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has definitely been an ever-growing collection of films and this year saw the launch of it’s “Phase 3” initiative of movies. The one I have been looking forward to the most is James Gunn’s Guardian’s of the Galaxy Vol 2.

I was a massive fan of the first Guardian’s and when I knew a sequel was on the way, to say I was stoked would be an understatement! I personally think that the sequel was much better than it’s predecessor as the stories within the film felt more developed, giving us more of an insight into each of the Guardian’s. The film itself turned out to be an action filled, roller coaster of laughs and emotional moments which captured the heart and soul of the director’s vision.

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