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No Game No Life and the struggles of social anxiety

Today I wanted to talk a little about Social Anxiety using the anime No Game No Life as an example. This is a topic close to my heart as someone who is recently going through something similar and after watching No Game No Life I couldn’t help but think about my personal situation and how others in this position might feel.

No Game No Life touched on many aspects of anxiety and the concept of escaping from ones reality. The anime centers around a brother and sister gaming duo who go by the anonymous handle, “Blank”. They are notorious for displaying beyond exceptional skills when it comes to gaming of all forms.

Hikikomori and NEET

Our protagonists Sora and Shiro are certified Hikikomori. The idea of social interaction in the busy and bustling working society fills them with absolute dread, as is made obvious at various points throughout the anime…

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The Flash Season 3 Finale: The past catches up with Barry [SPOILERS]


Season 3 started with Flashpoint and ended with Barry paying the price for it. This season was mainly about trying to safe Iris and changing the future. But who thought after half a season of trying to find a way to save her, H.R. would be the one to do it?

We all know Barry went back in time and created Flashpoint by saving his mother in the season 2 finale. Zoom was defeated, but both his parents were dead and our favourite speedster didn’t want to live with that. When he finally realised he couldn’t stay in Flashpoint forever, the timeline as he knew it had changed. People were changed, Diggle had a son instead of a daughter (for the Arrow watchers) and most of all: Dr Alchemy/Julian had made his way into town.

I was thrilled when the announcement at ComicCon of Tom Felton joining the show as…

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