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New YouTube video – Magic 8 Ball Challenge!

Hey guys,

So I visited a friend of mine up North at the weekend and we decided to film a video for my YouTube channel!

The two of us always have wanted to film a collab video together and we had so much fun on this one. I bought a Magic 8 Ball and we decided to do a fun little Q&A session even though the ball does not work!

But yeah, hope you enjoy this video and feel free to swing by my YouTube channel for more crazy content like this:


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#MeToo, #Harvey Weinstein, #WHATISGOINGON?!

This girl speaks so much sense!

sacha kurucz

Bear with me, folks. I’ve been a little off the radar since my spare bedroom swallowed me up so that I could finish writing my long-term uber romantic drama love story project hoo-ha, of which, STILL, is not complete. However, I did manage to turn on the television and the laptop in time to surf the news, only to see this crazy plethora of stories involving sexual harassment.

All I can say is, in the most eloquent of ways…DAFUQ?

Now, before you fear an imminent ramble, or opinion bashing, well rest your weary selves. I’ve had far too much Prosecco to think straight. In fact, if this article sounds anywhere near coherent by the time I wake up tomorrow, I’ll be pretty impressed. But that’s not why I’m writing this. Although it would be fun to relish in my random warbling come the sober daylight, the main aim of this…

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Arrow Season 6 Premiere – “Fallout” Review

“We can only walk in two world’s for so long”

Finally…..the season 6 premiere of Arrow aired Thursday  and I could not get home from work fast enough to watch it! Especially when you get a text from one of your best friend’s saying that shit hits the fan in the episode. The episode titled “Fallout” is set five months after that shocking cliffhanger from season 5 that left me thinking how the hell will Arrow move forward from here?! This episode was coming off of what I personally think was the best episode in Arrow’s history, so I was very much looking forward to seeing who survived the events of Lian Yu and how the character’s would be operating after such a major event. After a very enjoyable season 4 premiere for The Flash, I could not wait to watch Arrow and it did not disappoint at all! So let’s get to it…

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The Flash Season 4 Premiere – “The Flash Reborn” Review

“It’s him…….IT’S HIM!!”

After what seems like the longest wait ever, The Flash returned this week with it’s season 4 premiere “The Flash Reborn” and oh man am I glad the show has returned! I literally avoided all social media today as I wanted to get home from work, watch the episode and not have anything spoiled for me! I was sitting her watching the episode with the biggest grin on my face as I was absolutely buzzing to have my superhero TV back this week with all four shows. The Flash and Arrow are the two shows I have been eagerly anticipating to return after the dramatic season finales and this episode did not disappoint in the slightest!

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Marvel’s The Defenders: Season 1 Review- Episode by Episode


Holy shit!

So it’s been a little over a week now since I finished watching the first season for Marvel and Netflix’s The Defenders and man was it worth the wait! This was the series that all fans had been watching for since the first season of Daredevil. It was the first crossover event featuring Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist, seeing the four individual heroes having to work together in order to save New York.

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London Film and Comic Con 2017 – Day 3 Coverage: Sunday


I’m on the home stretch now!

Here’s my coverage of the third and final day of London Film and Comic Con 2017, as I sit here I’m reliving the memories of the show and thinking just how lucky and fortunate I was to have such an incredible experience meeting these guests!

Well here we go, my coverage of the final day of LFCC 2017!


After having two pretty epic days at this convention, I had now sadly came to the third and final day. At this stage I was feeling pretty exhausted from the busy two days, combining the lack of food and sleep I felt like I was on my last legs! Nonetheless I was looking forward to meeting the last few guests on my list and getting my last photo ops to complete the weekend. Like I did on the first two days, as soon as I got into the convention center I bombed it upstairs to the guest floor to get my VQ tickets for Michael Rosenbaum, Kevin Smith, Alyson Hannigan and Natalie Dormer. I managed to score some pretty low numbers so already I was off to a great start for the final day.

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Marvel’s The Defenders – Official Final Trailer

The Defenders.jpg

Holy shit, the time is almost upon us!

Since San Diego Comic Con 2017, we have been getting a lot of activity surrounding Netflix’s upcoming Marvel project “The Defenders”, which is something I have been so stoked for and can’t wait to see this show! The idea of seeing Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist all on screen together, as a fan, is going to be something pretty epic and awesome. Ever since I knew that Netflix would be making a series of Marvel shows, straight away I was thinking that The Defenders must be on the table and I’m so glad this is what they’ve been working towards!

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London Film and Comic Con 2017 – Day 2 Coverage: Saturday


Okay here we go, here’s my coverage of London Film and Comic Con 2017 day 2! The first day was pretty epic and I was already buzzing from how brilliant the Friday went, so to say I was pumped for the Saturday would be an understatement!

So let’s jump straight into it shall we?


I already knew my way around the convention having spent all day there on Friday but when I got to the guest floor to get my VQ tickets, it appeared that some of the guests had moved around to may room for the weekend appearances and that completely threw my shit out of whack! Luckily the bigger guests were all in the same place so I managed to find my bearings pretty quick and then I decided to tackle my first autograph signing of the day.

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London Film and Comic Con 2017 – Day 1 coverage: Friday


So it’s been a week now since London Film and Comic Con 2017 and I’m still recovering from the weekend, as it was packed full for me! Had such an amazing time at the con meeting some really epic guests and just had an all around great time across the three day weekend. Essentially this post is going to be a round up of some of my personal favourite moments from the weekend, including meeting guests, talks I attended and the photo ops that I went to. I’m going to be doing coverage of all three days otherwise this will turn into a dissertation just for Comic Con! So first up I’m going to start with my favourite moments from Friday.

Without further ado let’s get to it shall we?

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Mallory Knox – Sugar: The Cambridge Rockers Have Done It Again!


Oh holy granulated sugar!!

Mallory Knox have done it yet again! This week they have been teasing that something has been in the pipeline and we would expect something on the 2nd August…that something being their brand new track titled “Sugar” and holy shit it is an absolute banger of a song!

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